Do you have a dog? If you do, where are they now? Most likely, on a cozy bed, on your couch, or somewhere at least remotely comfortable, are we right? That’s because for us animal lovers, our dog’s comfort is top priority. We do our best to give them the best life ever, but some dogs, unfortunately, don’t get this kind of love.

Rosa, a 14-year-old mixed breed pup, had a home and a guardian but you couldn’t call it much of a home and you couldn’t call her guardian much of a guardian, either. Kept in a filthy, dark cage which stunk of urine under the stairs, Rosa was anything but a “beloved pet” in her person’s eyes. No, she was treated more like a prisoner, forced to live in darkness behind metal wiring, with only a small bowl of kitty granule food for dinner. This was Rosa’s life for 14 years – but luckily all of this is now in the past thanks to Animal Friends Foundation Burgas.

A Life of Horror


As soon as the Animal Friends Foundation Burgas, an animal rescue organization in Bulgaria, heard about Rosa’s situation, they headed over to her ‘’home’’ and managed to talk the owners into letting her go. Like with every animal they rescue, the veterinary clinic was their first visit.



Poor Rosa was in horrible shape. Skinny with dull fur, she looked more like a street dog than a domestic dog. And her dire upbringing had clearly taken its toll on her health as far as the tests showed. Anemic with parasites, Rosa needed not only treatment but good quality food – and plenty of it.

When a dog, like Rosa, has been brought up in circumstances as horrible as these, they are understandably scarred both mentally and physically as a result. From the moment the rescuers found Rosa, it was clear her eyes weren’t normal. And veterinarians confirmed their suspicions: Rosa was blind.

Healing From Human Touch


While rescuers know little about her background other than the fact she spent her life in a dark cage under the stairs, it was obvious that Rosa wasn’t used to affection. Maybe she’d never been touched before – not in a loving way anyway, at least. When the rescuers first touched her, Rosa reacted strangely but with time, she learned to enjoy being pet and cuddled. Ultimately, this little bit of affection helped her heal in stride.

Rosa’s caretakers are happy to report that the pup has been eating well and, after almost three months of constant feeding, she is finally gaining weight, however, her mental scars haven’t disappeared completely. Poor Rosa is deaf in addition to being blind, so the world around her is still largely a mystery.

Although they can’t give back her sight or her hearing, rescuers are drowning her with love. Rosa is currently living in foster care but there’s exciting news: she is going to have a new and forever home within the next few weeks. That’s right. Somebody has fallen for Rosa as much as we have and they’re adopting her. Finally, after fourteen years of misery, Rosa will get to live out the rest of her life in peace and dignity, surrounded by people who love her. Where are the tissues!?

Help Others Like Rosa


As Rosa’s story shows, it’s not just homeless dogs that need our help – even those that have guardians could be living in horrible situations. If you ever come across animals living in conditions like this, it is up to you to report it – check out these Animal Rescue Hotlines for more information. Animal abuse and neglect can only continue if we do not speak up for these helpless beings.

Thanks to organizations like Animal Friends Foundation Burgas, neglected pets like Rosa get another chance at life. If you would like to help more animals suffering at the hands of careless owners, please send a donation to this awesome organization today.


All image source: Animal Friends Foundation Burgas