The UK has officially launched a new TV network geared specifically towards man’s best friend. The network is called DogTV and will be full of pooch-friendly shows for your dog to watch.

DogTV is aimed to help behavioral issues in dogs, such as separation anxiety, loneliness, and destructive habits.

Three years of research went into creating DogTV and finding what programs would be most beneficial for dogs to watch. The TV network has been carefully crafted to cater to all of your dog’s needs, from sounds to visual effects, and colors. Everything has been scientifically crafted to help your dog feel calmer and less alone.

This has come at an optimal time as many new dog owners are just now starting to work outside of their homes again, leaving their pets by themselves all day.

The channel will also host shows by celebrity dog trainer Laura Nativo, where dog owners can learn basic dog training and tips. Simple dog-friendly recipes will also be available for the benefit of dog owners.

The idea of a TV channel specifically for dogs may seem strange at first, but it has a lot of research to back it up! DogTV is a realistic way for dog owners to provide more comfort for their dogs while they are away.

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