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Indonesia has had its first-ever dog meat prosecution after a man was found transporting dogs meant for the meat trade. The trader was sentenced to 10 months in jail along with a hefty $10,000 fine.

The trader was transporting 78 dogs to be slaughtered for human consumption. Sadly, only 62 of the 78 dogs survived the ordeal.

The Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition has been campaigning tirelessly to stop the consumption of dog meat, making the practice illegal and punishable all over Indonesia. They hope that this will serve as a warning to other illegal dog meat traders.

The dog meat trade is a gruesome practice. Many strays and pet dogs are stolen and tortured by the traders. Many of the dogs also die on the long journey to the slaughterhouses. The ones that survive are beaten and strung up to bleed out, often while being fully conscious. This is frequently done in full view of people in market places.

This sentencing is a small victory in the bigger scheme of things. Hopefully, the dog meat trade will soon come to an end as the government cracks down on it.

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