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Fight Dog Meat exposed dog traders in Vietnam with a video of them force-feeding disgusting drain water to a dog. According to the non-profit organization, this is done to increase the body weight of the dogs so they can be sold to butchers for a higher profit.

We can see the dog being aggressively restrained so it cannot get away while they prepare to shove a tube down the poor animal’s throat. The dog was also wearing a collar, meaning it was most likely a stolen pet.

Warning: the video below contains content that may be distressing to viewers. Please use discretion.

The dog meat trade and consumption are seen as disgusting practices by many, especially in America where the tradition seems completely foreign. The annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival draws tons of protests and backlash every year urging for the festival to be stopped.

There has been some success in stopping the trade of dog meat. In Korea, The Human Society shut down a dog meat farm that doubled as a puppy mill, and authorities also shut down the notorious Gupo dog meat market. There are growing concerns over the practice that are causing the tradition to be questioned.

While the concern over dog meat is absolutely warranted, the question remains, why do people care more about dogs being killed for meat than cows, pigs, or chickens?

Melanie Joy boils it down to carnism. According to the psychologist and author, meat eating is an ideology that is embedded in culture and goes unquestioned. When we think of animals as pets or companions, like we do with dogs and cats, the practice of eating them seems unethical. When it comes to farm animals, we are so used to the idea of eating them that we never question them being killed mercilessly. In reality, factory farming and dog meat trade are both cruel, unfair practices that cause the unnecessary death of millions of sentient beings who wish to live.

To call for an end to the dog meat trade, sign this petition!

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