Last week a 9-month-old cow, Stacy, escaped a New York City slaughterhouse and gave rangers a real challenge in capturing her.

She was eventually caught in an NYC park. Fortunately, rather than being sent back to the slaughterhouse, she was sent to be quarantined at Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Center.

The sanctuary said, “Little Stacy is doing well, getting used to us as she awaits test results that will hopefully give her the OK to go in with some other kids.” 

Once Stacy’s quarantine finished, she joined the 93 other bovines in the sanctuary and started making friends.

This is a very happy story for Stacey, as so many other cows meant for the slaughter are not so lucky. Her brave escape shows just how much these creatures want to live and how cruel it is to raise them just for meat.

Stacey will now get to live out her years with a herd of their cows – forming friendships, playing, relaxing, and being treated the way that all sentient beings deserve.

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