While celebrities may seem out of reach, confined to fancy restaurants, the big screen, or those little boxes in our living rooms with the moving pictures. Turns out, we can see celebrities everywhere if we know where to look. Lots of celebrities have animal look a-likes roaming around out there, or even in our own homes (in the case of a few of our celebrities on this list).

Celebrities often contribute to animal welfare and activism to help make the world better for all creatures! Check out what Ian Somerhalder has been up to lately!


If you’ve got a favorite celebrity and know exactly which animal they look like, be sure to post it in the comments section and share it with our other Green Monsters so they can join in the fun, too!


1.  Charlie Chaplin and This Cute Kitty

One of my all-time funny men looks exactly like this sassy cat with matching hats and little mustaches. We wonder if the cat got into as much trouble as Mr. Chaplin.

10 Celebrities and Their Wild Animal Look-A-Likes (Stephanie Sindicich)

2.  Benedict Cumberbatch and This Snapping Turtle

Both are total cuties, they’ve got the smoldering stare down pat.


3.  Charo and This Shih Tzu

The two are rocking the super high pony tail and killing it. Not many people can make that look work, but these two seem to have mastered the technique.


4.  Nicki Minaj and This Lion

Getting this incredible mane of curls down pat is a talent, to say the least. Nicki has a team of hair stylists to tame her locks, we wonder how the lion does it…

nikki lion

5.  Jamie Hyneman and This Walrus

Jamie and the walrus are both rocking a pretty impressive ‘stache. It’s even close in color … Twinsies!


6.  Selena Gomez and This Chipmunk

Selena and this chimpunk share the cutest cheeks we’ve ever seen. They just make you want to pinch ‘em!


7.  Taylor Momsen and This Raccoon

Taylor and this raccoon have their eyes highlighted by some kohl liner and, you know, nature. Look how pretty!


8.  Eric Stonestreet and This Chow Chow

Both Eric and this chow chow look so cuddly that they’re just asking to get a big hug.

eric chow

9.  Zooey Deschanel and This Kitty

Zooey is known for her big, bright blue eyes. Check out this kitty whose got some pretty peepers to match!

zooey dekitty

10.  Bjork and This Swan

It’s been more than 10 years since Bjork wore this dress, but every time we see a swan we think of her. Way to keep it fun!


Lead image source: Prodigal Film Student