Sioux City Animal Rescue and Adoption recently took two cats that they believe to be someone’s lost pets to the animal shelter. One very unique detail about this pair is that one of the cats has no eyes, as reported by Fox2

Source Fox2

This pair of cats is extremely bonded to one another. The cat with eyes seems to be a kind of seeing eye cat for the one without eyes- helping to guide them by staying close at all times.

Chris Wall, Vice President of Hannah Incorporated, Sioux City Animal Rescue and Adoption, said, “Now these cats are probably the most bonded cats that I’ve ever seen. One male, one female. It was obvious at the time that the male had visual impairment, to the point of having no eyes. He’s just sort of got the sockets where the eyes were.” 

The cats are on a seven-day hold where they are kept to see if their owner will come looking for them. After seven days the pair will be put up for adoption together.

Though the shelter is hopeful that their owner will arrive to get them, they are already preparing for the chance that there is no owner to retrieve them.

Chris Wall said, “They appear to be fabulously friendly cats. They were very, very lovey. As soon as I opened the cage door they came forward and wanted their loving, but I couldn’t separate them with a crowbar.” 

No matter what happens, these two cats will not be separated. Whether they have an owner who is looking for them or if they are put up for adoption at the animal shelter, the cats will stay together.

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