A long-awaited day has finally come for Californians. On Friday, California Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian (D-Van Nuys) introduced a bill to begin a moratorium on new factory farms and slaughterhouses in the state.

The bill would go into place on January 1st, 2023, and would prohibit the creation of new animal farms and slaughterhouses. The bill would also ban the expansion of existing factory farms and slaughterhouses. Operations generating less than $100,000 in annual revenue won’t be let off the hook either.

The bill states, “The current system of raising, maintaining, slaughtering, processing, and packaging livestock is dangerous, destructive, and inhumane. As an industry, it is not sustainable.”

The monumental bill follows the lead of a similar bill that was proposed in New Jersey by Senator Cory Booker. This is a historic moment as it will be the first time California has ever introduced a factory farm moratorium bill.

Animal rights network, Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) proposed the bill to Assemblymember Nazarian as part of its “No More Factory Farms” campaign. DxE is listed as a sponsor of the bill.

DxE has filed dozens of complaints over the last seven years of alleged criminal abuse on factory farms, and their claims have been continuously disregarded. There have been no prosecutions except against the animal rights activists who exposed the misconduct. Over 600 activists with the DxE network stormed a slaughterhouse on a duck farm in California, nearly 100 activists were arrested, and a few have faced prosecution.

With their claims finally being taken seriously, DxE is now one step closer to ending factory farms.

“These operations have a notorious track record of poor working conditions where health and safety are sacrificed for the maximum profit. Although we can’t and shouldn’t replace it overnight, we can cease its expansion to give room for more worker and consumer-friendly operations to develop. This bill is a step towards the solution,” said Assemblymember Nazarian.

Assemblymember Alex Lee (D-San José) is also a joint author on the bill, commenting,

“I’m proud to be joint author AB 2764 – Mass industrial slaughterhouses impose inhumane cruelty on animals and workers and have detrimental environmental and health impacts. I applaud Assemblymember Nazarian for his leadership on this issue.”

DxE will lead a large grassroots mobilization in support of the bill. They will campaign through phone, email, and social media and will lead in-person demonstrations. Follow them on Twitter or check out their website to see how you can help no matter where you are!

Sign this petition to ban factory farming.

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