A British CEO has sparked some serious online debate after pitching an idea involving new pet owners. The British CEO proposed having a ‘pawternity’ leave for new pet owners.

This paid time off would allow them to stay home and care for their new furry family member. This debate started when the founder of the company was considering letting an employee with a new puppy go on leave.

Online contributors were very mixed in their opinions, with most saying that they thought it a bad idea. Those employees should not be allowed to stay home with pay just to take care of new pets.

However, 40% of people thought that it would be a good idea to provide this option to employees.

In the end, the company founder decided to let the employees work from home in order to care for their puppy. Finding a pretty solid middle ground within the issue.

Hopefully, this is a discussion that can spark some new ideas for employers as allowing a ‘pawternity’ leave could be very beneficial for new pet owners.

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