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A bill was introduced into the Massachusetts statehouse on February 10 to prohibit the sale of new fur products throughout the Commonwealth, according to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis, D-Framingham, and Sen. John Velis, D- Westfield, introduced HD 1592 and SD 1029 which would make it illegal to “sell, offer for sale, display for sale, trade, Donate or otherwise distribute a fur product in the state.” Wellesley has a ban in place and other cities are considering following suit. “Considering the many alternatives available for fashion and Apparel. . . the demand for fur products does not justify the unnecessary killing and cruel treatment of animals,” the bill reads.

“Fur sale bans complement the growing number of fur farming bans across the world as the surest way to end as quickly as possible the suffering of animals exploited by the fur industry,” said Liza Oliver, founder of Fur Free Massachusetts in an emailed statement. “This legislation puts Massachusetts at the forefront of ending archaic and brutal practices toward fur animals.”

Following the lead of California, which banned fur in 2019, Massachusetts would be the first state on the East Coast to take this necessary step.

“Massachusetts is a world leader in animal welfare,” said Rep. Lewis in an emailed statement. “Given the overwhelming evidence of inhumane practices in the fur industry, the risks fur production has to our public health and the availability of so many different options for warm and fashionable fabrics, we will not continue to be complicit in unnecessary cruelty.”

Source: PETA UK/YouTube

Every year, millions of animals are raised and killed for their fur. The animals at fur farms are kept in tiny cages their entire lives. It’s been proven that the mental health of animals on fur farms, like all captive animals, suffers greatly. They pace and self-mutilate. Then, they are killed in gruesome ways like gassing, bludgeoning, and electrocution. Fashion houses Stella McCartney, Gucci, Versace, and Giorgio Armani do not use fur or have announced they will stop using fur in the production of their clothing. We hope other cities, states, and countries follow suit!

Sign this petition calling for an end to fur farms in the United States.

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