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From their purr to their fur, there’s something so soothing about cats. So why do so many people stick to only having one cat and no more? Yes, sometimes, some cats can be a handful – especially if their young or you’ve taken them directly from the streets. Still, there are so many reasons why two cats can be even better than one.

Of course, like with anyone considering getting a pet, you need to give it a lot of thought before you take in another cat. Don’t rush! This is another life you’re bringing into your home, remember. But if you are ready and in the position to adopt another cat, we can tell you that there are lots of benefits to doing so. Just in case you need some good excuses for adding another feline to your home, let’s take a look at why you need another cat.

1. Company For Your Cat

Have you ever wondered if your cat gets lonely all on his own? While cats are known for being solitary creatures, they do, in fact, enjoy companionship. Regardless of what most people think, cats are social animals who thrive in bonded pairs. So why not get your cat a buddy from the rescue shelter? Together, they can be lifelong best friends.

2. Less Destruction

It’s no secret that cats can be the masters of destruction at times. By getting another cat, the two will keep each other company and stay out of trouble.

They won’t have to jump and climb so much because they’ll have their buddy to play with instead. They’ll distract each other, provide twice the amount of entertainment, and sometimes you may even find them grooming each other.

3. It Will Make Your Cat Happier and Healthier

Provided that they are well-matched and have plenty of space to live together, two cats provide each other with their necessary needs: social interaction, exercise, and mental stimulation.

Many cats are often left alone for hours at a time, with nothing to do. By getting another cat, there’ll be no excuse for your cat to be bored. Together, by playing and cuddling, they’ll amuse each other and chase away each other’s boredom.

4. It Gives Your Cat a Chance to Be a Guardian



Did you get your female feline spayed when you first got her? That’s great! We’re proud of you. Now’s her chance to take on a motherly role by adopting a kitten from the shelter. Adult female cats make great mothers and they can use their maternal side on a kitten – even if it’s not their own.

However, you need to be sure your cat is ready and in the right position to deal with a kitten. If she is getting old or has health problems, it wouldn’t be fair to pair her with an energetic kitten. Bear this in mind before adopting a kitten.

5. Kittens Teach Each Other Life Lessons and Save You a Lot of Hard Work

Kittens, as you probably already know, are energetic little creatures and they can be a lot of hard work. If you bring a second kitten into the equation, you’ll have a lot less work on your hands, because together, they’ll teach each other life lessons. By playing together, which kittens do best, they’ll learn social and hunting skills, and it will also help develop their coordination – essential for all cats.

6. You’re Saving Not Just One, But Two Lives



Take in another cat from the shelter and you’ll have saved not one, but two lives. In other words, you’ll be a total hero. We’re all for adopting pets from shelters and against purchasing them from pet stores and breeders. Even if your first cat was bought from the latter, now is your chance to do a good deed and adopt a cat from the shelter. There are so many cats living in shelters who are in need of a forever home. You have the opportunity to save a life and give a lonely animal a lot of happiness!

Three Things You Should Know Before Taking in a Second Cat

If you like the idea of getting another cat, here are some points to keep in mind:

1. Choose a Good Match

Adopt a cat who is a similar age with similar activity levels to your cat at home. It works best this way. No matter how besotted you are with that kitten you’ve seen at the shelter, remember this: if your cat is old, bringing home a young and energetic kitten is only going to cause problems.

2. Make Sure You Have Enough Space

Cats, as a rule of paw, do not like to share litter boxes. Before you take in another cat, be sure you have enough space for them to live together comfortably and enough space to be able to accommodate two separate litter boxes. Otherwise, things are going to get messy.

3. Check That Your Cat Likes Other Cats

As funny as it may sound, some cats genuinely do not get along with other cats.  That’s why it’s vital that you know your cat and his relationship with other felines. Some adult cats who have spent their lives alone are unable to adjust to living with other cats, so don’t stress him out by bringing home a feline if you’re sure he’s not keen.

So – now that you know the many perks that come along with adopting a second feline, be sure to think over the responsibilities that come with two cats before taking the plunge. If you live in an apartment or are renting a space, make sure to check if multiple animals are permitted – some buildings are okay with one cat, but two may be prohibited. Double the whiskers mean double the cost of cat food and litter – and way more fur on your clothing and furniture. It’s also pertinent to keep both cats up to date on their shots, if one picks up something they are likely to pass it on to the other – it might be good to consider pet insurance for added medical costs.

If you’re really ready for another cat, getting through these obstacles will be a breeze. Remember, you’re not only getting a new cat for you – but a companion for your beloved feline, it might be a good idea to introduce the two before committing to adoption.

Welcoming a new cat into the family is a wonderful experience – we truly hope you and your feline companion enjoy it!

Tiny Rescue Animal Collection
Tiny Rescue Animal Collection

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