Pits R’ Us All Breed Rescue and Adoptions threw open their doors to take in animals fleeing the Dixie fires.

The Dixie fire has burned more than 750,000 acres since July 14, which has resulted in mass vacations of both humans and animals.

An urgent request was put out when 4 horses, about 15 sheep, chickens, guinea hens, and ducks were in need of somewhere to go. The Pits R’ Us All Breed Rescue and Adoptions had just made room in their shelter, so it was the perfect timing for these new rescues to go there.

Founder of the Pits R’ Us All Breed Rescue and Adoptions, Amanda Hoover, said, “We love animals. It’s what we do. They need somewhere to go.”

This isn’t the first time a shelter has opened its doors to animals fleeing the Dixie fire. Many other shelters, including the Sacramento animal shelter, have stepped up to the plate to take in shelter pets in need of protection.

Wildlife teams have also stepped up to the plate, helping to rescue and rehabilitate wounded and homeless wildlife.

With the Dixie fire still going strong, we need all available shelters to lend a hand where they can – whether that be taking in animals or helping with the much-needed supplies.

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