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It is really hard to not identify as an animal lover when a furry fall of adorable is staring right at you. Really though, animals seem to have the superhuman (or animal) ability to melt the ice cold facade of even the most aloof person. As Green Monsters, it is our goal to share the wonderful feeling that comes with loving animals with the entire world. Really … we’re those friends who are always posting cute cat videos or asking our social networks to Donate to animal rescue organizations – but, can you blame us?!

Being compassionate towards animals makes you more compassionate in all aspects of your life (trust us, it’s science). Who hasn’t dreamt of holding all the precious fuzzy animals of the world in their hands? Of course, we do not encourage you to run out and try this, in fact picking up wildlife can be very detrimental and traumatizing to the animals.  But, you can live vicariously through these images and get your cute fix without harming any animals (win-win, right?!).

So in celebration of all the amazing animals of the world check out these tiny specimens that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand!


 1. This little chipmunk is but two fingers wide and one thumb tall.


2. “I would offer you a handshake, but I fear it would be more like an earthquake!”

3. Oh this baby Sugar Glider is giving us a sweet tooth! (No, we have no shame).


4. Look, it’s a teeny tiny hand-ster!


5. These are baby platypi. The high-pitched squeak you just made was completely appropriate.  


6. This little guy is taking “Hang Ten” to a whole new level. 


7.  Feel free to swoon. It is both expected and encouraged by this little bat baby.


8. Our hands are jealous of this human baby squirrel nest.


9. Are we alone in thinking we wouldn’t be mad if these guys poked us?


10. It’s a good thing this baby badger is blind … he might be shocked at the crazy look of adoration we’re giving him right now.


11. Who needs fancy jewelry when you can have this little dude hanging on your wrist?


12. It’s official. Our cute gauge just exploded. We hope you didn’t just drop your phone out of amazement … but if you did, it was totally worth it.


Although these photos are heart-warming and cute, we do not encourage our readers to handle wildlife. Feeding or handling wildlife interferes with the balance between wildlife populations and their habitat and could lead them to be reliant on humans for survival, amongst other problems. If you find an animal in need, contact a local wildlife rehabber/rescuer or veterinarian ASAP, or call a rescue hotline. Here are some that might help!