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In 2016, humans slaughtered over 300 million cows for food.  We also slaughtered over 66 billion chickens.  And if 66 billion sounds egregious, Forbes reported that we kill between 960 billion and 2.7 trillion fish every year.  But that’s just the number of fish that we catch in the wild.  It excludes farmed fish, which account for “70% of all farmed animals worldwide,” the animals that fishing nets kill as bycatch, and the animals we kill by wreaking havoc on ocean ecosystems.

Ever wonder how we clean all of those fish and get them onto tables?

Climate Save Movement recently posted a video on Instagram.  It’s a video of a “fish speed cleaning machine.”  The caption reads, “This is not technological advancement, this is violence.” Correct. People are sticking the live fish into the machine, while it rips the animal wide open.

You can watch the full video below.


Each of the trillion-plus fish that we kill every year feel pain. But despite all of the evidence about fish sentience, many laws, like the Federal Animal Welfare Act, do not protect them. Groups like Animal Outlook are working to shed light on cruelty to fish by conducting undercover investigations and suing companies that advertise their fishing practices as sustainable and humane.  You can Support their efforts by donating.

Sign this petition to tell member nations of the UN’s Indian Ocean Tuna Commission to restrict the overfishing of yellowfin tuna.

You can also learn more about the harms of fishing here in One Green Planet:

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