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An Animal rights group is suing two gourmet restaurants in Southern California for selling foie gras despite California’s ban on the sale of the dish.

The Animal Protection and Rescue League claim that the two restaurants, Mister A’s in Bankers Hill and Millie Fleurs in Rancho, Santa Fe, have been selling foie gras from force-fed ducks despite California restaurants’ ban on doing so.

The lawsuit was filed last week against the two restaurants. Foie gras might sound like a dainty and elegant dish, but it’s obtained in highly unethical ways. Foie gras is made by placing long metal pipes into the throat of ducks and force-feeding them. According to the animal protection group, this causes the livers to swell up to 12 times the normal size.

Bertrand Hug, who owns both restaurants, temporarily removed it from the menu due to protests the group has held outside both restaurants over the years. However, Attorney Bryan Pease representing APRL, said they “quietly re-added it back to the menu later when they thought no one was looking.”

The ban on foie gras in California first went into effect in 2004. Since then, it has been challenged many times and it was even brought back in 2015 until rulings in 2017 and 2019 upheld the ban. However, people have found many loopholes to obtain this dish. A federal judge ruled in 2020 that the ban would remain, but people could purchase foie gras from out of state and have it delivered to them.

Obtaining foie gras is a cruel practice where male ducks and geese are force-fed for 10-12 hours a day to make their livers unnaturally large. Once the livers are large enough, they are stunned with electrified water and then bled to death to have their livers removed. Additionally, the dish can only be made from male ducks, so all the females are tossed into a grinder and die in seconds.

Sign this petition to help ban foie gras farms.

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