Sanctuaries take on the selfless, incredibly difficult job of actually helping animals hands-on by protecting them, saving them from tragic ends, and ensuring their health and wellbeing as much as possible. Caitlin Cimini, founder of Rancho Relaxo chronicles her life with the many animals they’ve saved on her Instagram account. Recently, she posted an adorably hilarious video of their guardian dog, Michael breaking up a “fight” between two of their sheep, Flick and Banks.

The two sheep are just playing around running at each other and head butting each other when Michael, always alert, senses danger. He gently pushes one of the sheep with his paw and runs between them to make sure they can’t attack each other. Then, the best part of all, is his proud face as he walks to Cimini for some head rubs. He looks so proud of himself! It’s so sweet and funny!


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