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Cows are some of the most dynamic farm animals around. Like humans, cows have best friends and get stressed when they’re separated, they’re highly emotional and have a very strong will – but more than most other animals, cows, sadly, are never given the love and respect they deserve.

Because of the modern appetite for meat and dairy products, cows are turned into commodities, only valuable for the goods they can produce. Unfortunately, from an economic standpoint, it is impossible to produce the amount of meat, cheese, and milk our society demands in a manner that is in anyway humane or favorable to cows. Most people who consume these products regularly do not understand the extent to which cows are abused in the industrial animal agriculture industry, or simply have been taught to disassociate their feelings for cows because they’ve been designated as “food animals.”

As compassionate Green Monsters, I am sure you already understand the plight of cows in the industrial agriculture complex, so, rather than focusing on the negative on this fine Cow Appreciation Day – let’s celebrate all the wonderful cows that have been rescued by the incredibly kind humans at the many farm sanctuaries we have covered here on OGP!

If you get the chance, go hug a cow today. If there are no cows in sight, consider donating to a farm animal sanctuary to help more cows waiting to be rescued!

1. Lucky and Daisy

10 Amazing Rescue CowsSASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary


Daisy came to live at SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary after being rescued from a backyard butcher in Michigan. Daisy was being used as a breeding cow at the facility and had given birth to at least three calves while there, all were taken away from her after birth to either be bred themselves or to be slaughtered for veal.

Only a few weeks after arriving at the sanctuary, Daisy gave birth to a calf, Lucky. Lucky is the first calf that Daisy was able to keep and she has proven to be a very doting and protective mother. To read more of their story, click here.


2. Maribeth

From Veal Crate to Heel Kicks: Maribeth's Second Chance at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary


Maribeth the calf was rescued by Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Born with an infection in her leg, Maribeth was destined to become a veal calf–a fate usually only reserved for male calves–but because she was a lame dairy breed calf, the farmer who owned her thought this was the only option. Thankfully, little Maribeth was rescued by Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and was given treatment for her leg infection. Maribeth can now be seen hopping around the ground of the sanctuary, click here to read her story and watch the adorable video of her doing heel kicks.


3. Woody



Like Maribeth, Woody was born into the dairy industry, but being a male calf was set to be slaughtered for veal. Similar to Maribeth, Woody was rescued from this horrible fate, by the Signal Hill Sanctuary when he was just two weeks old.  Woody was very ill upon arrival at the sanctuary, but has since been nursed back to health by his compassionate care takers and is thriving at the sanctuary with his other farm animal friends. Follow this link for Woody’s entire story.

4. Christmas & Charlie

Two 17-year old cows Loving Life at Their Sanctuary Forever Homes (PHOTOS)


A little known fact about cows is that they can live to be over 20 years old and way over 2,000 pounds. Cows in the meat and dairy industry are usually killed when they are only four or five. These two bovine beauties, Christmas and Charlie were rescued by The Barnyard Sanctuary and have been able to live out their natural lives playing at the sanctuary. The pair are 17 years old and weight a collective 4,600 pounds! Holy Cow! Read their full story here.

5. Hansel & Gretel

Two Former Dairy Farm Calves Rescued on the Same Day Remain Best Friends (PHOTOS)


Veterans of the dairy industry, Hansel and Gretel are now happily living at Edgar’s Mission Farm Animal Sanctuary in Australia. Gretel only has three legs, but she has been able to thrive in her sanctuary home thanks to the help of her BFF Hansel. Hansel came to Edgar’s after Gretel and was also weak as the result of mistreatment by his former owner. The two helped one another recover from their respective ailments and they have remained inseparable throughout their lives. Read more about Hansel and Gretel here.

6. Fargo

Fargo the Steer Rescued from Slaughter after ‘Mad Dash for Freedom’ (PHOTOS)


Fargo the steer did not wait for rescuers to gain his freedom but took fate into his own hands making a mad dash from the vehicle that was transporting him to a slaughterhouse. This ingenious steer made his way through the backyards of residents in Cassleton, North Dakota, not seeming to mind the fact that the ground was covered in snow. Once Fargo was finally tracked down and captured, the kind members of SASHA Farm Sanctuary managed to convince his former owners to turn him over to the sanctuary. Fargo is now able to enjoy the freedom he so desired. Read his incredible story here

7. Samuel

From Veal Crate to Sanctuary: The Beautiful Rescue Story of Samuel the Calf (PHOTOS)


Little Samuel was rescued from becoming veal by Gaia Sanctuary. Samuel was born as a twin and in the meat/dairy industry twins are considered a “surplus” meaning the weaker, smaller twin is usually slaughtered for veal. Hearing of Samuel’s plight, Gaia workers arranged to have Samuel transported to their sanctuary. Since the farmer did not believe Samuel was of any worth he agreed to the arrangement and now Samuel is free to live out a long happy life enjoying just being a cow. For more on Samuel, click here.

8. Bob and Mortimer

Calves Bob and Mortimer Romp Around at Sanctuary (Video)


Bob and Mortimer are two little calves who are currently residing at Animal Place farm sanctuary. Bob was orphaned after his mother died from severe neglect and Mortimer was abandoned by his mother. These two orphans are not the downtrodded little calves you’d expect, however, but sprightly and amazing cows who have been able to overcome their hardships thanks to their close friendship. For more on these two, follow this link and check out this precious video of them romping around Animal Place.

9. Sweety the Cow

Sweety the Blind Cow Gets a New Life and a New Friend


Sweety’s life began in the dairy industry, living on the concrete floor of a facility in Canada. After being bred continuously for eight years–four years longer than most cows–Sweety developed an infection in her foot. In addition to this infection, Sweety is a blind cow.  Once she was no longer considered valuable as a means to produce calves and milk, she was set to be slaughtered.. Thankfully, this kind hearted cow was rescued by Farm Sanctuary and now lives with another blind cow. The two keep each other company in their old age and are a wonderful testament of how beautiful cow friendships can be. Read Sweety’s story here.


10. Granny and Valentine 

10 Amazing Rescue Cows


The story of Granny and Valentine is a happy ending that is long overdue. Granny spent her life as a breeding cow, and after 15 years of service, the farmer to whom she belonged decided it was time for Granny to live out the rest of her life on a sanctuary. Upon arrival at Signal Hill Sanctuary, it was discovered that Granny was pregnant yet again. Granny gave birth to a calf a day before Valentine’s Day and so her little calf was named Valentine. The pair are inseparable, finally able to realize the beautiful mother/child relationship that all cows should have. To read more about their story, click here.

Lead image source: Wikimedia Commons