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Bullfighting is a cruel, dated practice that needs to end. According to PETA, thousands of bulls are killed each year as a result of bullfights, and their deaths are slow and agonizing.

The bulls are repeatedly stabbed with lances and sticks, and if a bullfighter doesn’t succeed in killing the bull completely during the fight, the animal slowly suffers as they’re dragged out of the arena to be slaughtered.

For years, activists have been pushing to put an end to bullfighting. Animal fights are not entertaining, they’re abusive and cruel. Thankfully, a win has come out of Mexico as the state of Sinaloa just issued a ban on bullfighting!

According to Mexico News Daily, a reform to Sinaloa’s animal welfare law was passed in January 2021, which outlawed bullfighting and classified it as what it really is: animal cruelty. However, governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel attempted to veto the ban on bullfighting, but the veto was just overturned.

Now, those who participate in bullfighting or any other form of outlawed animal cruelty could face up to six years in prison. Bullfights are still legal in 27 Mexican states, along with in Spain, France, Portugal, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador.

Seeing Sinaloa recognize bullfighting for the cruel practice that it is is a huge win for Animal rights. There’s still a lot of work to be done to end bullfighting throughout the rest of Mexico, and the world, but activists’ efforts are slowly paying off.

Sign this petition to ban bullfighting in Mexico.

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