When Laura and her roommate found out about a tiny pup whose owners couldn’t care for him anymore, they knew that they needed to help the sweet guy. It wasn’t easy though. Chewbacca, or Chewie for short, had to go to the vet immediately. His fur was super matted, he had health issues, he only weighed half a pound, and the doctor thought that he would only make it a few months. Despite the odds, Laura and her roommate were not willing to give up on Chewie.

Chewbacca started gaining strength and learning how to walk, but he still wasn’t doing great. He started getting seizures and ended up needing a spinal fusion in his neck. That changed everything. After the procedure, Chewie totally brightened up and became such a playful little pup. His dog older sister didn’t like him at first, but with his cute face and sweet personality, Chewie and his dog sister soon became best friends! She’s not the only one that Chewie won over.

Laura and her roommate had enough big dogs and had been planning on fostering Chewie until he was ready to be adopted by someone else. However, Laura just couldn’t give Chewie up – and we don’t blame her! Chewie is such a cutie and a fighter. He is beating the odds and living his best life every day!

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