After being dumped outside the Villalobos Rescue Center, Virginia finally gets adopted and finds her forever home! Her new owner runs a dog-friendly bed and breakfast that Virginia can serve as a host at.

Lindsay Pike traveled from New Orleans to Villalobos to open up a bed and breakfast, and was looking to adopt a dog. At her pet-friendly b&b, she wanted to make sure she adopted a dog that would be great around other dogs and people. It takes a special kind of dog to handle this environment, with a bunch of people constantly coming and going.


After the team at the rescue center inspected Lindsey’s b&b to make sure that it was safe for dogs, they determined that she would be a fantastic owner. When Virginia was introduced to her new home, she seemed to be very well behaved, and loved her new surroundings. It was almost like she had been living there her whole life, and was meant to be with Lindsey!

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