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8 Fun Eco-Friendly Hemp Toys for Your Pet

Image Source: Guian Bolisay/Flickr

What plant produces the longest and strongest naturally occurring fiber? If you guessed hemp then you’re right! We’re not talking marijuana here—we mean industrial hemp, which is a variation of the Cannabis sativa plant. This type of hemp is cultivated for its seeds and fibers and is low in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and high in CBD (cannabidiol), unlike marijuana.

Industrial hemp has long been known for its versatility, durability, sustainability, and high-quality. It grows quickly and in almost any climate, doesn’t require pesticides, cleans up toxins found in soil, and even blocks harmful UV rays when woven into fabric. It has been in use for over 12,000 years and was once the primary fiber used to produce rope, paper, canvas, and clothing.

Over time, other fibers and fabrics became more popular, despite being unsustainable, and eventually hemp was outlawed in the United States because of its connection to marijuana. While it is still currently illegal to grow industrial hemp plants in the U.S, countries like Canada, Australia, and England allow it so we all can still reap its many benefits.

Today, hemp is used to create a variety of eco-friendly products from healthy oil, protein-packed seeds, and amino acid-rich milk to sturdy fabric for clothes and backpacks. You can even purchase quality hemp products for your pets including beds, collars, and leashes.

The following eight eco-friendly toys crafted from hemp will thrill both you and your furry companion.

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