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If you have a dog, there are a few leashes and collars that you never want to use on your canine friend. Despite the damage they can cause, many people continue to use these pet accessories. Luckily, there are many options out there that do their job without causing your dog any harm.

Leashes and Collars You Should Never Buy

Source: It’s Me or the Dog/YouTube

1. Prong Collar

Prong collars are collars designed with some form of metal or hard plastic prongs on the inside of the collar. These collars look very similar to torture devices and act in much the same way by digging into the dog’s throat. This is uncomfortable and painful, and can even cause serious damage if pulled on too tightly. These collars are often used to control large dogs or dogs that do not listen to their owner. 

2. Shock Collar

Shock collars are another type of collar that is a poor substitution for proper dog training. These collars are designed to give your dog an electrical shock when they do something their human doesn’t like. This is often controlled via a remote, or they automatically shock if your dog barks at something.

Not only is this painful, but it can cause your dog a great deal of distress. It is scary, and they have no way of running away from the shocking sensation. They are also being disciplined in a confusing way, and they may not even understand that this is a way to prevent a specific behavior.

Source: BrightDog Academy Dog Training/YouTube

3. Retractable Leash

Though popular, retractable leashes are not the answer to your dog’s pulling issues as they can actually be very dangerous. Not only does this type of leash make it hard to keep your dog at a safe distance, but they can also run off into danger very quickly when you aren’t paying attention.

This type of leash is also easy to get tangled in and can cause you or your dog cuts and burns. It can cause tissue death and even amputation in severe cases if it becomes too tightly wound around a person or animal.

4. Choke Chain

Choke chain collars are another form of punishment as they are designed to cinch tightly around the dog’s neck. This is usually used as a way to control the dog if they pull away from their owner. This is painful and will restrict their breathing and cause them anxiety and fear. If pulled too tightly for too long, this type of collar could easily kill a dog or at least damage their brain function.No collar should ever be used to restrict airflow to a dog.

5. Citronella Spray Collar

Citronella collars are designed to spray the pungent scent on the dog when they bark. Though this is generally considered safe, a heavy barker could be sprayed too much and have a reaction. It is also an ineffective way of stopping barking as it randomly punishes your dog. They don’t know why they are being sprayed or where it is even coming from.  The likelihood of them understanding that it is a barking punishment is very minimal.

Other Ways to Encourage Good Behavior in Dogs

Most of these leashes and collars are used to get dogs to do what their humans want them to do or to stop certain behaviors. Though they might work in a way, it is done out of fear as these are cruel devices for animals.

There are far better ways to train your dog without having to use a painful or threatening device. Here are some other things that you can do to encourage better behavior from your dog.

1. Training

All dogs should go through training at a young age, whether with a trainer or with you. Basic training will help them understand you and what you need from them. This will also help keep them safe as you need them to be obedient to a certain extent to keep them safe.

2. Treats

Food is an excellent motivator for dogs and will encourage them to listen and obey. It also helps when teaching your dog more desirable behaviors to replace less desirable behaviors. This can be done with healthy dog treats or pieces of fruit or vegetables. It is best to take these on walks with you in order to reward good behavior as you and your dog walk.

3. Praise

Praise is a great way of motivating your dog and getting them to do what you want them to do. This will give them a more positive outlook on what you are trying to get them to do and help them understand what you want.

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