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Rock Star Rescue Animals: 5 Adorable Rabbits

Image Source: Sarah Buckley/Flickr

In addition to cats and dogs, rabbits are common companion animals. Seen as cute, gentle, and loving, they are often the perfect choice for both adults and children.

Rabbits are indeed beautiful and friendly, and like all other animals, rabbits have their own methods for communicating which is predominantly focused on body language. Most notable is the affection that rabbits express for each other, demonstrated through grooming, as well as gently licking each other on the forehead and around the ears. This isn’t limited only to other rabbits, however, as when in a loving home with human companions rabbits will display similar behavior towards them. Known to cuddle and snuggle up with individuals, rabbits sometimes groom them as an additional show of affection. At other times, when especially happy rabbits can be seen to dance and hop around with delight.

In complete contradiction to the love that some rabbits receive from people, almost all of them will  have come into the world via the exploitative pet industry. In addition to this, not all rabbits are bred to be pets. There are a huge number each year who find themselves in the vivisection industry where they will suffer months or years of abuse before being killed. Then there are the fur and meat industries where rabbits are crammed into cages until the point of slaughter, causing them untold mental anguish and suffering.

It is extremely sad that so many of these adorable animals are killed in the name of food, fashion or “science”, with organizations all over the world looking for ways to rescue them. The stories of the amazing rabbits that have been rescued are included below:


1. Appoline


A lot of rabbits are bought as presents without the appropriate consideration being given for their well-being, as well as the length of their life. Appoline (brown and white rabbit in photo) is one of many rabbits to have been bought on a whim and then abandoned when the attention or care became too much for the individual to manage.

Having been discarded, Appoline was thankfully found by some caring people and taken to Woodstock Animal Farm Sanctuary where she is offered loving care and shelter, alongside other rabbits. She is now able to live out the rest of her life without fear of abandonment, as a gregarious rabbit who wants everyone else to be happy too. Both affectionate and friendly, she cuddles and plays with everyone, while also being the first to greet people who stop by to say hello.