The brutality of horse racing is no secret no matter how much lovers of the cruel “sport” might deny it. Race horses are often drugged with dangerous performance enhancers that help people win money, but cause injuries and death to the horses. They’re bred to have dangerous bodies — skinny legs to carry 1,000 pound bodies for speed. Not to mention, training is grueling. The life of a race horse gets worse when they’re no longer “useful,” meaning when they can no longer make money for their owners and those who bet on them, and they’re sent to slaughter.

Recently, there have been far too many deaths in a short amount of time at a renowned Southern California Thoroughbred racetrack. In just two months, 20 horses have died at Santa Anita Park while racing or training. Defenders of cruel horse racing tried to blame the heavy amounts of rain and the weather, although the track is sealed when it rains. Therefore, the racetrack brought in experts to check the soil for anything that might be causing the horses to lose their footing. Experts found nothing wrong with the soil, which proves that horse racing itself is to blame.

Animal rights activists are protesting and calling for the racetrack to shut down, especially after the death of the latest victim to this “sport,” Eskenforadrink, a 4-year-old female horse who was a ‘favorite’ to win. She suffered an injury to her right front ankle during the race on Saturday and was euthanized.

PETA Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo released the following statement: “Twenty dead horses is 20 too many, and the only responsible action is for the track to close right away and stop this spiral of deaths […] it’s clear that no horse should be on that track.”

What can you do? Sign this Care2 Petition to stand against this cruelty and help shutdown the Santa Anita Park racetrack.

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