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The annual report from The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) highlighting “Horrible Hundred” puppy mills in the United States has been released.

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USDA found a Boston Terrier at Pleasant Hill Pets with a squinting, watering, crusty eye and issued a direct violation.  It was noted that “this dog’s eye condition appears to be painful and could be due to an injury, infection or other veterinary medical condition which could worsen with time.”  Yet, the violation is now missing from online records in 2021. (USDA / 2020) Horrible Hundred Report 2021

The report delves into federal and state inspection records of animal suffering, consumer reports, and documented undercover footage. The report highlights dogs’ suffering across the country and shows numerous animal welfare violations.

The list includes Mannings Kennels (AR), K-Bar Kennel (GA), The Puppy Patch (IL), Kuntry Lane Kennel (IN), Furkids (IA), Creek Side Kennel (KS), Sharon (Sherri) M. Richards (KY), Viking Silver Labs (MN), Beauchamp’s Puppy World (MO), Carroll Sell Farms (NE), Hudson Labradoodles (NY), Lone Pine Kennel (OH), Pennsupreme Puppies (PA), Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles and Bears (TN), Maltese Acres (TX), and Pawfect Paws (WI). You can read about them and take a look at the others in the report.


“While the USDA paused many of their in-person inspections during the pandemic, dogs were left more at risk than ever,” said John Goodwin, senior director of the Humane Society of the United States’ Stop Puppy Mills campaign in a statement. “Public records and our undercover work show that Petland and other pet stores continue to buy from commercial breeding operations where dogs languish in miserable conditions.”

Dozens of pet stores purchased puppies from these dealers, which are located across the United States.

Breeders and puppy mills often keep the dogs in tiny wire and wood cages that hardly allow any room for movement. Their cages are unsanitary, often getting caked in excrement. In some cases, animals are kept out year-round in all types of weather. In others, animals are kept in dark basements where they will never get to see the light of day or breathe fresh air. They are denied exercise, proper grooming, veterinary care, and socialization, which in combination with their unsanitary living conditions, makes for poor mental and physical health. Sadly, when the overbred mother dogs can no longer reproduce, breeders usually kill or abandon them.

Sign this petition to Support a nationwide ban on the sale of puppy mill animals at pet stores.

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