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We love videos of unlikely animal best friends! Whether they’re different species, ages, or sizes, the pairs are always so cute. In these videos, little and big dogs snuggle, play, and help each other out in the cutest ways. Surprisingly, it’s usually the little dogs who show the big dogs who’s boss! Despite their size, the little dogs have huge personalities and love to call the shots. Most of the big dogs are usually pretty willing to accommodate their tiny friends. The dynamic is absolutely adorable. These 10 videos of big and small dogs are sure to add a little happiness to your day:

1. Tiny Tim and Big Ben

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

Big Ben didn’t fit in with other dogs. He was a bit awkward and couldn’t find his place. Then, Tiny Tim came into the picture. He became obsessed with Big Ben and despite the large differences in their sizes and demeanors, the two became best friends. Whether Tiny Tim feels like playing, snuggling, or getting into trouble, Big Ben is almost always by his little friend’s side.

2. Maggie the Mastiff and Dude the Chihuahua

Source: Maggie Mastiff/Youtube

Dude is a tiny ball of energy! Even when his friend Maggie just wants to relax, Dude demands to be entertained. Maggie, of course, appeases her tiny friend on the condition that she doesn’t have to stand up.

3. Tiny Pup Meets Great Dane

Source: MuttshackAdoptions/Youtube

After escaping from their kennel, this tiny pup ran into a big surprise: Sasha the Great Dane! The little pup seems quite confused and curious about everything around them – especially the huge dog towering over them. Their gentle interaction culminates with a shared interest in a passing squirrel. Classic.

4. Jack and his Tiny Yorkie Sibling

Source: bbelfer16/Youtube

This Yorkie loves climbing all over his huge friend! Despite all the jumping, playful biting, and running that is happening around and on top of him, Jack seems totally unbothered. Until the end, he calmly sits there, amused by the little Yorkie who seems to be having the time of her life.

5. Indy and Godiva

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

Indy was found emaciated and tied to a tree. After he was rescued, he still seemed depressed and unwell, but after having surgery, his personality totally changed. He became so playful and happy. He also met Godiva, his new best friend, (who was also his owner’s best friend’s dog.) It was love at first sight. They walked, played, enjoyed treats, cuddled, and even showered together. Godiva may be a lot tinier than Indy, but she has just as much love to give as Indy.

6. Tug-o-War: Great Dane vs. Puppy

Source: Kat New/Youtube

This tug-o-war match is way too cute! The two pups obviously have different methods and use their strengths to their advantage. They both gave great efforts and in the end, they are both winners! There are enough toys to go around and the Great Dane seems ready for a nap anyways.

7. Giant Bordeaux and Tiny Frenchie Love to Cuddle

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

If you only have twenty seconds to improve your day – this is the perfect video for you. It’s short, sweet, and full of puppy cuddles. Size doesn’t matter to this giant Bordeaux nor his tiny Frenchie best friend – all that matters is finding the best position to snuggle in. So cute!

8. Gracie the Mastiff and Lola the Chihuahua

Source: ABC Television Stations/Youtube

Gracie and Lola are obviously very different. It might seem that Gracie might scare her tiny companion or want bigger dogs who could keep up with her. But Gracie and Lola wouldn’t have it any other way. They love to jump and play around with each other. Gracie is so gentle with her friend, but sometimes a problem emerges: Gracie loves Lola so much that she can’t help but cover little Lola with her slobber!

9. Why Everyone Needs a Tall Best Friend

Source: Ellen Thomas/The Dodo/Youtube

These two are sweet! The little dog was desperately jumping up to reach an apple in a tree while his larger companion watched on. Eventually, the larger dog reached up, plucked the apple with ease, and then dropped it for his tiny friend. We’re sure the determined little dog would have eventually gotten the apple on his own, but it’s always nice to have a friend to help out!

10. Rosie the Chihuahua and Sam the Black Labrador

Source: Sushi and Runt/Youtube

Rosie the chihuahua is fed up with hanging out in her kennel. She’d much rather hang out with Sam the black labrador! Despite the difference in size, these two really go at it – gently of course. Rosie may be small but she keeps up with her tall friend. In fact, she even chases him around. These two are so cute and seem like great friends! They’re always ready to play together… and nap together.

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