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When commercials air featuring adorable or hilarious animals, we completely forget about the product they’re even trying to sell us because we just love the animals. Advertisers are quite clever and know that animals tug at heartstrings and put smiles on people’s faces. Some animal commercials are more memorable than others because of their humor and charm. Here are some commercials that we think are quite funny and adorable because not because of the products, but because of the animals!

1. The Hamsters With Soul

The Kia Soul commercials with the hamsters are wildly entertaining. The soulful hamsters are always up to some shenanigans. This one particularly, set to Lady Gaga’s Applause shows the hamsters undergoing a transformation. They commit to exercising and self-care to show up at a premiere looking super handsome!

2. The Barkley Family

The Barkley family is just like a human family. These commercials show them in hilarious situations like the husband dog caught by his wife staring at a poodle or the dog father catching his daughter making out with a boxer in his car. A particularly sweet one shows the puppy nervous about his first day of school and being encouraged by his mother. They’re very heartwarming and it’s easy to watch them as short vignettes and forget they’re supposed to be about a car.

3. The Dog Who Felt Discriminated Against

In this touching video, a dog is saddened when he finds a luscious grassy area, but there is a “No Dogs Allowed” sign. He no longer enjoys walks, but eventually his humans buy a home and he is happy to find he has a big grassy lawn to run and play on!

4. Lost Dog Saved by Chlydesdale Horses

This commercial is about a precious interspecies friendship between a puppy and a Clydesdale horse. This puppy somehow ends up on a ranch and the man who owns it tries to put up signs and return him to his family, if he has one. The puppy bonds with the horse. One night, as he is wandering around all lost the is threatened by a wolf. The horse senses that he is in danger and shows up with his crew of horses to bring the puppy home. The horses pretty much adopt the puppy into their family as one of their own.

5. Dogs and Their Walkers Walking it Out

This is a unique commercial in that it’s actually advertising a service for dogs unlike all the others. It shows dogs and their walkers happily walking and dancing around to the “Walk it Out” song. There are some fluffy corgi butts and wagging tails.

6. The Man Who Says the Word and Frees Animals

In this video, a gentleman is able to make this happen just by saying the word. The focus isn’t animals, but there are two great animal-related moments. In the first, he comes across a poster for a lost kitten. He simply says, “find the cat” and the cat returns home! Later in the video, he says “free Willy” and a whale dives over into the ocean. Although it’s not clear where the whale is jumping from, it’s a nice little moment about freeing whales and shows one going back where they belong—free!

7. The Puppy Who Was Just Meant to Be With This Man and His Horses

Another sweet interspecies friendship story between a puppy and a Clydesdale horse. Not far from the horse barn, there is a Puppy Adoption center. One of the pups keeps escaping and is drawn to a horse. The man who owns the ranch keeps returning the puppy to the woman who runs the adoption center. After many moments of the horse and puppy being found spending time together, the puppy is adopted by someone. When the horses realizes his friend is going away, he and some other horses stop the driver who adopted the puppy and retrieve him. They are able to stay together and play happily!

8. Screaming Squirrel Who Almost (But Gladly Didn’t) Get Hit By A Car

This funny commercial is mostly silly above all else. A squirrel finds an acorn in the street when a car approaches. Because he’s in danger, the squirrel screams loudly causing all the other animals in the forest to scream too from a raccoon to an owl, even a grasshopper and the passenger in the car who is afraid to hit the squirrel. Thankfully, the car swerves and the squirrel walks away without a scratch!

9. The Rescue Dog Who Fetches Beer

This rescue dog is named “Wego” and whenever someone says “Here we go,” (the slogan for the product), he fetches a beer. He is a clever dog, even fetching up to a keg with his cool tricks. Basically, he knows how to keep a party going.

10. The Polar Bears Who Love Soda

This polar bear family were the stars of many commercials. They can be seen doing many happy family activities like building a snow polar bear (their version of a snowman), bobsledding, and watching the aurora borealis. They’re a fun family to watch!

Despite the products being advertised, hopefully commercials like this help people see animals differently and empathize with them more. For some information about changing people’s perspectives on animals, check out A Fox Is a Cow Is a Cat: Why We Treat Animals Differently (and How to Change Our Ways)Meet the Incredible Filmmaker Helping to Change Our Perception of Animals and the Environment, and How Amazing Artists Are Helping to Change the Public’s Perception of Animals.

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