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This year has been a strange one for the environment in many different ways. We have made progress in certain areas while not getting anywhere in others.

The COP26 was held this year, which produced a few promising changes among some of the world’s leaders. But some important environmental topics, such as the impact of animal agriculture on climate change, were still not discussed nearly enough. 

That being said, there were a few great environment and animal movies, documentaries, and series released this year. They all did their part to spread awareness and draw attention to big environmental issues.

1. Earthshot: Repairing Our Planet

Earthshot is a five-part series with each episode focusing on one environmental problem that the planet is facing. These challenges include restoring nature, cleaning our air, reviving the oceans, building a waste-free world, and fixing the climate.

Each episode goes into the issue at hand in great detail, helping the viewer to better understand the importance of change.

This is the perfect Climate change series to watch in order to understand the challenges that the earth and all of us are facing.

2. Seaspiracy

Directed by and starring Ali Tabrizi, Seaspiracy is a breathtaking documentary about the environmental impact of the fishing industry.

The documentary advocates for the end of commercial fishing in order to save the world’s most precious oceans as well as the marine species that live within them.

3. Eating Our Way to Extinction

Eating Our Way to Extinction is a film featuring some of the most globally known figures, including Titanic star, Kate Winslet.

The film documents some of the most pressing environmental and health issues of our time. It highlights the damage that our diets can cause on the planet, as well as our own bodies.

4. The Dark Hobby

The Dark Hobby takes a closer look at the aquarium trade and the horrific damage that it causes to the reefs and marine life.

It follows the journey of Hawaiian elders, conservationists, and scientists as they try to protect the reefs and fish, as well as raise awareness about the devastation caused by the aquarium trade. They go so far as to file a lawsuit against the state of Hawaii for the environmental damage caused by trapping fish for the trade.

5. Aluna

Aluna is a documentary that follows the Kogi tribe as they travel with an aging British filmmaker to trace the connections that we have to nature.

The Kogi people have a belief system called Aluna, which means that there is a kind of cosmic consciousness connecting us and everything else to nature. This documentary helps the viewer to better understand this train of thought, as the Kogi people themselves describe the belief. The film thereby also helps the viewer better understand their own connection to the natural world around them.

6. Meltdown

Meltdown follows acclaimed photographer Lynn Davis and Tony Leiserowitz, Yale Climate change director, as they travel through Ilulissat, Greenland – a place known as “ground zero” for the climate crisis.

The film mainly documents Tony and Lynn’s deep conversations around Climate change, the beauty of nature, and how Earth can be saved. 

7. The Race to Save the World

The Race to Save the World documents the journey of young climate activists that are very much aware of the growing threat to humanity.

It focuses on these young activists who are actively trying to reverse Climate change, doing so no matter the personal cost. It documents their passion and endurance even as they are putting themselves in danger in order to try to create change before it is too late.

8. A Perfect Planet

A Perfect Planet is another docuseries created by David Attenborough that showcases the beautiful balance of nature. It examines the perfect way that all aspects of nature work together in order to thrive.

This breathtaking docuseries highlights some of the most spectacular aspects of nature and the natural world around us.

9. The Hidden Life of Trees

Renowned forester and author, Peter Wohlleben, is featured in this amazing movie that documents the life of trees.

As the title suggests, The Hidden Life of Trees features the hidden life of the trees around us, showcasing their life, death, and regeneration.

While Peter discusses in detail how useful trees are and what part they play in nature, revealing just how important they are throughout all stages of their life.

10. Animal

Animal is a movie that features two teenagers that travel all over the world, meeting with scientists and activists to find better ways to cohabitate with the wildlife around us. 

This movie introduces the complicated subject of what we can do to better connect to the creatures around us, as well as how to share the planet in order to avoid harming other living things.

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