Dannielle is an animal foster mom and the founder of Southon Rescue in Florida. When she got a call in the middle of the night about some kittens that needed her help, she dropped everything to go help them and bring them to safety. As soon as she got the call, she prepared everything for their last-minute arrival.

“I warmed up my heating block and turned on my incubators. Oxygen is primed and we’re gonna go pick them up,” Dannielle said in a TikTok video.

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Once Dannielle arrived at the location, she was able to safely secure all the kittens in a carrier on the floor of the passenger seat. Dannielle described the kittens as very premature, so they need to be fed every couple of hours since the mama cat is nowhere to be found. Luckily, the person who originally found these abandoned kittens is also an animal rescuer, so these baby kittens were already being warmed for about an hour before Dannielle arrived to ensure their survival.

@dsouthon Stayed at work late, Venus was ✨unamused✨ #adoptdontshop #AerieREAL #macysownyourstyle #animalrescue #kittensoftiktok #TurboTaxAlphorn #catmom ♬ original sound – Dannielle

Back at home, the first kitten only weighed about seventy-two grams and could easily fit inside the palm of her hand.

“Some of the kittens had fur-less limbs which is an indicator of premature birth,” says Dannielle.

The second baby weighed about eighty grams. Dannielle explains that it’s not super uncommon to have a small weight difference between siblings. After weighing them and determining that they were mostly healthy, they went back inside the incubator, aka the kitten bake oven, as Dannielle calls it.

Despite all the odds stacked against these premature rescue kittens, they were fighters! Venus, whose personality is described as chatty, snuggly, and super loving, is about to embark on her next adventure and head off to her amazing forever home.

“I am so unbelievably grateful to @chelsi_thedodo and @thedodo for her amazing video feature and getting the message of fostering out there to others. And to everyone involved in @cattooday that made finding her purrfect adopters possible,” said Danielle in an Instagram post.

You can keep up with Dannielle’s animal rescue stories on Instagram. You can also donate here to help Southon Animal service rescue and care for as many animals in need as they possibly can.

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