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This is Mako, the leopard gecko. His previous owners noticed that he wasn’t doing well, and they did everything they could to help him, including getting him extensive veterinarian care, but sadly, his health continued to decline. That’s when they made the difficult decision to surrender him to BeWild Reptile Rescue.

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When he was surrendered, he weighed in at less than 9 grams. He had an extremely severe metabolic bone disease, which had caused intense pathological fractures to his limbs. The rescue also discovered that he had stuck shed on his feet and in his eyes. When the humidity levels inside a leopard gecko’s enclosure are too low, it causes their skin to dry out, resulting in  stuck shed.

Sadly, Mako had already lost all of his toes on his left front foot due to this condition. However, the rescue gave him a soak to remove all that stuck shed and make him more comfortable. They then applied healing cream and syringe-fed him carnivore care.

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With help from veterinarians, Mako received a thorough visual examination to determine the severity of his MBD from there they started his treatment.

“Thanks to calcium treatments, the bones in his limbs are already beginning to strengthen,” said the rescue in an update video.

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Fast forward four months and Mako looks like a completely different gecko! He has gained a healthy amount of weight, and his tail has already begun to regenerate. While Mako’s bones may never fully straighten, they did get much stronger, and was welcomed into his new forever home with one of the rescue’s TikTok followers!

For more rescue stories, you can follow BeWild Reptile Rescue on TikTok!

BeWild is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Durham, NC, that acts as a rescue for displaced reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. These animals are surrendered by members of the public, found roaming outside, or transferred to us by local shelters. They are also dedicated to providing accessible education to our community through live animal programs.

If you’d like to Support BeWild’s rescue mission, you can donate here and become a member of their Patreon.

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