A little while ago, Friendly FIelds Farm, an animal sanctuary and nonprofit, received an emergency call about four pot-bellied pigs that needed to be rescued. Little did they know that two of the pigs were pregnant and could give birth to twelve piglets each! Unfortunately, the pregnant pigs had to spend the majority of their pregnancy in a terrible neglect situation which is not an ideal condition for growing new lives and could have negatively affected the health of their babies.

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“They were living in their own filth, with no shelter or clean water. I don’t think they had ever been touched or interacted with in any way. When we rescued them and brought them to the sanctuary, they were terrified of people,” said Friendly Fields Farm. Tragically, only one piglet survived the complicated and high-risk pregnancies. After being there for mama Pearl, as she mourned the loss of her piglets, the sanctuary was more determined than ever to give these sweet pigs and the resilient piglet the best life possible.

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Despite the sad beginning of the story, the ending is beautiful! Sebastian is truly a miracle piglet. Since Pearl was not healthy enough to nurse or properly care for her baby Sebastian, the sanctuary brought him inside and cared for him themselves, treating him as if he were their child. The sanctuary posted an update and reassured everyone that Sebastian is doing amazing. He just learned how to pan-feed. He is putting on a healthy weight and has lots of energy!

“After so much suffering, fear, and cruelty, came a tiny, beautiful piglet that I love more than I can even describe to you. He is perfect,” said the sanctuary in a TikTok video.

The sanctuary also stressed the importance of spaying and neutering pigs and other animals to prevent a horrible situation like this from ever happening again.

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Friendly Fields Farm is a nonprofit farm animal sanctuary in Waynesville, North Carolina home to more than 100 animals rescued from situations of slaughter, neglect, and abuse. They rely on donations to keep their operation going and save animal lives.

If you’re interested, you can donate here.

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