This man was driving home from work one night when he witnessed the most heartbreaking thing happen: a truck driver pulled over in front of him and abandoned a dog on the side of the road.

For many pet owners, it’s difficult to imagine abandoning a beloved pet, but this was the sad reality for this dog. Fortunately, there is a happy ending to her story!

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As the truck driver began to drive away, this man stopped and pulled over next to the dog. It’s hard to imagine how scared and confused she must have been after being abandoned outside in the dark all alone.

“She immediately came over, whined, and jumped in the truck. I did my best to calm and reassure her, but she was understandably not happy. She kept licking my face as I drove her home,” said her rescuer.

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Her rescuer brought her to the vet for a health checkup and discovered that she had a bunch of ticks along with hookworm, which is an infection in the small intestine.

After getting her all fixed up, they finally brought her home and introduced her to their chocolate lab and baby daughter. Maggie is a ball of energy and has so much love to give!

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Unfortunately, Maggie is not the only dog who has fallen victim to neglect and mistreatment. Many animals like her suffer at the hands of ignorant or unfeeling people. We can help educate our friends and neighbors about the proper way to care for our four-legged friends by simply starting a conversation and laying to rest the idea of human versus animal. If you see a fellow creature who is being treated the way Maggie was, make sure to report it. Check out these rescue hotlines for a few places that could help. Together, we can start to change the world for dogs and all other animals!

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