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While fireworks can be fun and exciting for some people, we have to keep in mind that not everyone enjoys loud displays. Poor pets are scared by explosive fireworks and thousands of them are lost, traumatized, or even killed. They don’t understand what’s going on and this can be a very traumatic experience for them.

Not only do animals suffer psychologically, but they also suffer from physical injury as they attempt to run and hide from the extremely loud and scary bangs. Every year the RSPCA receives hundreds of calls about the terrible effect fireworks are having on animals – not just dogs and cats, but other pets, livestock, and wildlife, RSPCA reports.

There are also frequent reports of horses harming themselves by crashing into stable doors and over fences, says In addition to animal welfare concerns, many fireworks contain oxidizers known as perchlorates which end up in the water, contaminating rivers, lakes, and drinking water. They also release particulate matter when they go off, affecting local air quality.

Source: WUSA9/Youtube

Animals need our protection and we need an urgent review of firework regulations to further restrict their use. Sign this petition to tell all states and Washington D.C. to make it illegal to sell fireworks to consumers!

To continue speaking up, sign these other petitions as well:

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