Goats are fantastic animals. They’re playful, sweet, and of course, very cute. Goats are also extremely intelligent animals. Unfortunately, like so many other animals, goats undergo extreme cruelty so people can eat them and drink their milk. When people talk about the dairy industry, most people think of cows; however, goats are one of the other victims of this terrible industry. Sometimes people even drink goat milk because they think it is more ethical, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The animal rights group, Surge, recently obtained footage from one of the suppliers for St Helen’s goat milk. The video shows employees punching, kicking, dragging, and slamming the animals. Some goats couldn’t even stand after the brutal treatment that they endured. The three identified employees at Far Marsh Farm have been fired and St Helens stopped doing business with them altogether.


Source: Earthling Ed

Many grocery stores, including Tesco, have suspended their ordering from St Helens after seeing the disturbing footage. Now St Helens and Far Marsh Farm might have to close due to a dramatic decrease in sales. Activists at Surge and other animal rights organizations are now working to get the goats from Far Marsh Farm rehomed at various animal sanctuaries. They are also trying to get St Helen’s to surrender their own goats to an animal sanctuary and work with an organization that will help them transition to a more ethical and sustainable method of farming. The organization, Refarm’d, helps farms “set up ‘vertical’ farms – where plants are grown on suspended shelves in stacks.” The rest of the land can then be converted to a sanctuary. These types of farms are not only much more ethical, but they also have the benefits of “eliminating run-off of polluted water and reducing food air miles.” Sign this petition to encourage the owners of the farm, Angus & Kathleen Wielkopolski,  to safely re-home their goats and transition to oat milk or vertical farming!

To continue speaking up, sign these other petitions as well:

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