When this woman spotted a baby owl all alone in a park at the bottom of a tree, she knew something wasn’t right. She feared that the owl had accidentally fallen out of the hole and couldn’t get back up. She called her conservation friend for backup. 
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Her conservation friend suspected that his sibling was up in the tree, and they needed to help him get back up without touching him. Owls have extremely sharp talons that can damage your skin if you are not careful. They had the idea of using a ladder to somehow get him up there but needed to leave and come back and hope that he was still waiting there in the park. This woman took that chance and quickly ran home and returned with a ladder. To her surprise, the little owl was still waiting in the same spot.

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After setting up the ladder, they realized that it was not going to be tall enough to help the little guy hop back into his hole in the tree. They had the idea to go look for a branch long enough that could act as an extension of their arm. The owl looks up at them as if he knows exactly what is going on and is grateful for their help. Miraculously, they gently lifted the owl onto the branch, and he latched on. They slowly climbed up the ladder, and when he got close enough, he hopped back into his home in the tree and was finally reunited with his family!

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The owl’s rescuers came back to check on him the next day, and they confirmed that he was doing great and that he was happily still in the tree with his two other siblings!

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While this rescue was a huge success, it’s important to keep in mind that not all owls on the ground need help. “If it is a young owlet with a fuzzy head and body but has fully grown wing feathers and a stubby tail, it is a fledgling just learning to fly,” says International Owl Center. “Owlets at this stage only need help if they are injured or both parents have been killed, or if the owlet is in a dangerous location,” they add.

If you think an owl needs help, click here for a listing of wildlife rehabilitators across the United States. Even if you are unable to transport the owl to the closest rehabilitator, it’s always best to call anyway to learn what the best course of action is for the owl.

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