Lolli was born on a frigid day in January, back in 2018, and sadly lost both of her back feet and part of her ears to frostbite. As a result, the poor girl struggled to keep up with her parents and the rest of the herd and would often get left behind. Thankfully, a neighbor noticed Lolli crying all alone and contacted The Gentle Barn in Tennessee for help.

@thegentlebarn Lolli lost her back hooves to frostbite as a baby, but she’s never let it hold her back 💪 #freighttrain #goattok #disabilitypride #wheelchairlife ♬ original sound – Stian Barlindhaug

Since The Gentle Barn always strives to keep families together when possible, they immediately jumped at the chance to rescue her mom Minnie Mae and, later, her dad Merlin too! Despite Lolli’s challenges, her rescue team was determined to give her the best quality of life possible. After undergoing multiple surgeries and prosthetics, Lolli finally received a wheelchair that would allow her to run around with the others and feel included again. Now, the family trio has become closer than ever, and Lolli’s parents run beside her as she happily zooms around the yard daily. “You can tell Lolli knows her parents always have her back,” said The Gentle Barn.

@thegentlebarn Lolli lost her back hooves to frostbite as a baby, but she’s never let it hold her back 💪 #freighttrain #goattok #disabilitypride #wheelchairlife ♬ original sound – Stian Barlindhaug

“Goats are social animals who have rich emotional lives and communicate frequently with unique bleats. Father-daughter duo Merlin and Lolli are no exception! Along with Lolli’s mom, Minnie Mae, our little goat family at #TheGentleBarn Tennessee is always together—usually soaking up the sun,” said the gentle barn in an Instagram post.

@thegentlebarn Reply to @r0bloxc0n5ens ♬ Lollipop – The Chordettes

Lolli was one lucky goat who could’ve spent her days suffering, unable to walk with deformed legs. But thanks to rescuers at The Gentle Barn, she was given a proper home, care, and a chance at life! Lolli and her family will remain at the rescue to live out their days in peace.

@thegentlebarn Lolli’s feelin’ fresh today #rescuegoat #disabilitytiktok #goattok #animalrescue ♬ motorcycle dududu – FUNNY

You can keep up with Lolli and her family on Instagram and Facebook.

The Gentle Barn welcomes your donation of any size. Click here to donate. Your donation will help support animals year-round with medical treatments for some of the most neglected and abused animals. They also have many senior animals who need extra supplements, including monthly or weekly chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy, specialized veterinary attention, and more.

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