This woman found a cat in the middle of the forest at 7 AM in horrible condition. The cat had matted fur and was covered in fleas, dirt, and ticks. His eyes were so infected that he could barely open them. Luckily, the woman spotted Lucian and helped rescue him.


Look WHO she found at 7am in the middle of the forest! #rescuecat #cat #catsoftiktok I rescued Lucian from the middle of the forest. He IS at the vet.

♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

At first, Lucian was very shy and did not know what to think of the whole situation. After giving him some food, his rescuer helped him get cleaned up and tried to get Lucian to warm up to her. That’s when he started purring.

“When he started purring my heart almost dropped,” the woman wrote on her TikTok rescue video.

With two hours until the vet opened, the pair patiently waited.


First He was shy and unsure. I will Upload More footage this Weekend and the First Update! He IS so much better already#catsoftiktok #cat #rescuecat

♬ Sad Emotional Piano – DS Productions

In another update, now just one hour until the vet opened, Lucian can be seen exploring the bathroom and getting love from his savior. He continued to purr and seemed incredibly grateful for all she had done to help him.


Lucian’s Rescue: In the meantime I was on the phone with different vets and the local animal Rescue Organisation. #rescuecat #cat #catsoftiktok

♬ Yellow – Emmit Fenn

At the vet, Lucian got his matter fur shaved off and spent the weekend getting IV fluids to hopefully get his strength back up. The vets cleaned his wounds and removed the maggots. He got special eye drops and got his eyes cleaned out multiple times a day.


Lucian’s Rescue Update Part 3. I got my hands on some Photos. sadly I am Not allowed to visit due to covid restrictions. #rescuecat #catsoftiktok #cat

♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

Finally, Lucian was on the road to recovery. His eyes were open, and his fur started to grow back. He was on antibiotics, and as long as his test results looked good, the rescue kitty had hope.


Look at his EYES!!!! My sweet sweet Angel Lucian🙏❤️ Please Cross you Fingers that He will make IT and Not has Terminal cancer. #catsoftiktok #cat

♬ Hello Wellcome Home – Stella Taylor & Paxton Brown

While he waited out at the vet to get better, his rescuer Josie always came back to check on him. He began to be playful and couldn’t wait to be brought home.


We brought him a cuddely bed❤️🥰 #MakeUpForLostTime #rescuecatsoftiktok #rescuekitten #SHEINcares #rescuecat #rescueanimals #catlove #catsoftiktok#cat

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Finally, Lucian got to go home! He is so happy to be in a warm and loving home, and he is eternally grateful for his rescuer.


Lucian IS finally Home🙌🥰 #ThenNowForever #cat #catsoftiktok #rescuecatsoftiktok #grateful #lucian #rescuecat #rescueanimal #catlove #inlove #catdad

♬ Home – Phillip Phillips

Now Lucian has other kitty siblings and spends his days playing and loving with his mom, Josie.


a song for my fellow germans😁#lucianlionheart #catsoftiktok

♬ Originalton – CENKGO

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According to national estimates, approximately 6.3 million companion animals are abandoned and enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. In the U.S. alone, over 5.4 million cats are killed on the side of the road. If you happen to notice a cat on the side of the road, whether or not the animal is injured, safely put on the hazard lights and pull your car completely off the road before attempting to rescue them, says the Humane Society.

Here are the full rescue tips that just may come in handy one day, and while you’re at it, sign this petition to demand all states make all animal abuse a felony now!

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