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Aside from hearing that cow’s milk helps bones grow strong, what else do you “know” about it? In the USA, we grow up hearing all about the benefits of dairy milk. We are told we need to drink it to be healthy. But, do we really? Are there any cold, hard facts about milk that contradict this health claim? There certainly are! Here are ten fascinating facts about cow’s milk.

1. Dairy has been linked to a host of health problems!

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's MilkPCRM/Wikimedia/Wikimedia

2. High dairy consumption means a higher rate of osteoporosis.

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's MilkThe Journal of Nutrition/elizalO/Flickr

3. Despite the happy imagery we often see of cows in the grass, dairy farms pollute the Earth.

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's MilkFAO/Wikipedia

4. “Dairy Farms?” Or maybe we can call them slaughter houses?

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's MilkUSDA/Wikimedia Commons

5. The amount of lactose intolerant people is more numerous than you think!

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's MilkPCRM/Wikimedia Commons

6. Sorry cows – soybeans are far superior to your milk. 

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's MilkHarvard/Wikimedia Commons

7. Got plants?

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's MilkOne Green Planet/Wikimedia Commons

8. It’s strange when you really stop to think about it, right?

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's MilkOne Green Planet/Chris Booth/ Flickr

9. Would you like some pus with that glass of milk? 

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's MilkHeise Health Clinic/Wikimedia Commons

10. Movin’ on over to the green side!  

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's MilkWall Street Journal/Wikimedia Commons

 Now that you’ve read the facts, click here for dozens of brands of plant-based milks and hundreds of options to choose from. You’re bound to find one to meet your individual tastes and nutritional needs! Then, check out these fantastic nut milk recipes.

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503 comments on “10 Fascinating Facts About Cow’s Milk”

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3 Days ago

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K. Schmidt
10 Months Ago

Good arguments on both sides. But what guides most decisions in today\'s environment of mass markets? Right, it\'s the cost per unit. Now, how much labor (and cost per unit -- let\'s say, per quart) goes into producing cow\'s milk versus producing soy or rice milk? Yet the soy or rice milk retails for more than cow\'s milk. So, who is it exactly that would be interested in replacing the milk market, milk being a whoppingly cost- and labor-intensive product, when they can feed us sheeple for half the cost but twice the price? And sorry, these man-made products are not superior to a properly produced natural one, because we haven\'t got a clue which unknown micronutrients and other factors (e.g. disease-fighting leukocytes) are missing in the soy soup, factors that have evolved over millenia to be compatible with our bodies. I suggest the current high level of food intolerance, esp. wheat and milk, is due to new processes or even purposeful addition of harmful substances to our food and our vaccines to force us to buy the artificial products. The VEGAN movement was created or kidnapped by some familiar chemical and food corporations, and they don\'t care one iota about your health because, guess what, they need you to die reasonably early. Wake up and inform yourself, decide, and then get out there and use the democratic process to cut these villains off.

Brad Williams
2 Years Ago

This is pure "spin", and worse, it\'s just a bunch of lousy internet memes intended to stir people up to a singular point of view.

#1 - Did you know that consumption of plain water has also been linked to numerous health problems?
See the Material Data Safety Sheet on Dihydrogen Monoxide - http://www.dhmo.org/facts.html
It\'s supposed to be funny, but it\'s very true and illustrates how anything can be spun to reflect a specific point of view.

#8 - Just plain wrong. There are several species that do indeed consume the milk of other species. Ants are one example, as they actually tend and care for aphids which they milk for their nectar.

I had planned to sit here and debunk each meme one by one but it looks like it\'s already been done and I can\'t be bothered to mess with such foolishness.

2 Years Ago

I do not consume any dairy products but I like to give readers the real facts.

Science does not yet have the answers on how safe either dairy or soy are to consume daily.

Milk consumption has dropped 30% since 1975 and obesity rates are through the roof in the same period, which proves nothing.

Humans are not the only species that drink the milk of another species but what if they were, it proves nothing. Humans are likely the most intelligent and maybe they know something others do not...

I think I am wise not to consume dairy products till science can prove they are healthy but that is just my opinion!!!!

13 Apr 2015

My parents, one has osteoporosis and the other diabetes due to huge amounts of drinking milk and eating meat. After all milk is linked to all sorts of diseases and it doesn\'t take a genius to see that it clearly contains fecal matter, steroids, antibiotics, hormones and remains of shelter animals who were euthanized grounded up and fed to the cows, canibalilsm all the way. Do your research wise Richard.

2 Years Ago

I\'ve drank milk everyday of my life, I\'m over 50 +. I hate the way almond, soy milk taste, might as well drink sugar. It settles my stomach and quenches my thirst better than water. The "Lord" made good things to eat, and was pleased. He didn\'t make soy,almond and the likes of other milks. People who are intolerant I believe is stemmed from their families genes. I buy unpasteurized milk, and we all die, same as animals. I agree they could put down animal in better ways, but its life, and the farmer is the one who has to go to bed at night and deal with his/her conscience. Drink milk it DOES a body good. I hate all those green kales, chard, and greens, reminds me of what the slaves that\'s were given to eat. Nasty stuff....I\'ll pass. Kale made to decorate the inside of meat counters, definitely not for me to eat. I\'ll stay with milk (pus) as you want to slam it. I don\'t condone veal so I never buy or eat it, we all have our limits on certain things. Love to eat the dove, squirrel out of the backyard

06 Jan 2015

I am not sure if you are a troll or just a very disturbed person, but this is DEFINITELY the wrong internet community for you.

zenon stepkowski
26 Jan 2015

you drink the milk that is taken from the calves .its your conscience. and the farmer that kills the calf. people like you is what kills baby animals. cows don\'t have babies so you can drink there milk old man... HA HA HA

13 Apr 2015

Kim, you sound so ignorant and old fashioned. Milk DOES NOT do body good, that\'s just the dairy industry trying to make money, just like the tobacco industry that finally the truth has come out. You are so blind to believe that. If you are SO religious, also remember that in the garden of Eden, God provided to man and animals only plant based food. Everything that grew on the ground and on the trees. Eating meat is from the original sin, and the old testament is psycho. Clearly a vicious God. What will keep you away from medications and diseases is a PLANT BASED diet. By the way, all animals have the right to live, and be free just like you and I. You are not any better than they are, and you are not dominion over them. They are living beings, with feelings, personalities, families and a life of their own. What gives us the right to take that away from them. Oh yes I know, ignorance of people like you.

3 Years Ago

1. Milk has never been linked to such health problems. Antibiotics, hormones, and GMO products on the other hand have.

2. Milk also has one of the most easily absorbed forms of calcium, which helps fight against osteoporosis.

Soy has horrible long-term health effects. Why? because the body sees soy as being similar to estrogen, which plays havoc with hormone production, especially in children, men and post-menopausal woman.

08 Nov 2014

1. Milk HAS indeed been linked to such health problems...it\'s just that you wont have seen much of this evidence as it has successfully been hidden for a very long time.
2. Milk makes the body acidic and in turn leaches calcium from bones in so doing depleting it,...the opposite of what you claim. Therefore it is of no use in the fight against osteoporosis. Far better to obtain calcium from dark green leaves, figs, etc etc.

Soy is excellent as a cows milk substitute...the oestogens in soy will not \'play havoc\' with human hormone production...why?. Because they are \'plant\' hormones and as such are not recognised or used by the human body .....

13 Nov 2014

A vast majority of studies claming health problems has shown significant flaws, with data that is either insuficient or inconsistant. I will not claim that milk cannot cause bone depletion simply because in order for the body to use calcium from milk it also most have both vitamins A and D. If someone is deficient in them, usually significantly deficient then yes the body cannot absorb the calcium as easily. However, if you are not deficient in these vitamin then you will not have bone problems.
Soy is a phytoestrogen, a plant-based lignan that is readily used by the human body. It also has the ability to bind to human estrogen sites and is an estrogen-like chemical. It has been shown to influence the testosterne in males, increase prostate cancer and promote cancer cell growth in breast tissue. I am not saying this happens all the time to everyone though, that would be ridiculous. It is also known to make gout sypmtoms worse becasue it has a high level of purines.
Again. I am not saying this happens to everyone, but to claim that all milk is bad and all soy is good is just as perposterous.

Lynne Hague
3 Years Ago

I support many of your articles especially about dairy free except I find it highly hypocritical having just read the 10 facts about milk to have monster Pizza hut ads with pizzas covered in cheese right in my face both on the left and right side!! If your site supports GREEN, then please be exclusive to ads which support your content.

07 Nov 2014

Those adds are based on *your* search history. I got a car. The blogger can do very little to control them.

Nicole Tanner
3 Years Ago

Okay, so 7 isn\'t a fact about cow\'s milk, and I believe (in reference to 8) that there are a few seabirds that will drink the milk of seals.
Not that I consume dairy, but it would be good if this article hadn\'t made these errors.

13 Nov 2014

I have seen cats, dogs, pigs, a goat, and chickens that would willingly drink milk if they happen to come across it.

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