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Aside from hearing that cow’s milk helps bones grow strong, what else do you “know” about it? In the USA, we grow up hearing all about the benefits of dairy milk. We are told we need to drink it to be healthy. But, do we really? Are there any cold, hard facts about milk contradict this health claim? There certainly are! Here are ten fascinating facts about cow’s milk.

1. Dairy has been linked to a host of health problems!

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's Milk PCRM/Wikimedia/Wikimedia

2. High dairy consumption means a higher rate of osteoporosis.

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's Milk The Journal of Nutrition/elizalO/Flickr

3. Despite the happy imagery we often see of cows in the grass, dairy farms pollute the Earth.

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's Milk FAO/Wikipedia

4. “Dairy Farms?” Or maybe we can call them slaughter houses?

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's Milk USDA/Wikimedia Commons

5. The amount of lactose intolerant people is more numerous than you think!

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's Milk PCRM/Wikimedia Commons

6. Sorry cows – soybeans are far superior to your milk. 

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's Milk Harvard/Wikimedia Commons

7. Got plants?

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's Milk One Green Planet/Wikimedia Commons

8. It’s strange when you really stop to think about it, right?

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's Milk One Green Planet/Chris Booth/ Flickr

9. Would you like some pus with that glass of milk? 

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's Milk Heise Health Clinic/Wikimedia Commons

10. Movin’ on over to the green side!  

10 Fascinating Facts About Cow's Milk Wall Street Journal/Wikimedia Commons

 Now that you’ve read the facts, click here for dozens of brands of plant-based milks and hundreds of options to choose from. You’re bound to find one to meet your individual tastes and nutritional needs! Then, check out these fantastic nut milk recipes.

This content provided above is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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426 comments on “10 Fascinating Facts About Cow’s Milk”

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kelly calapp
2 Months Ago

To address some of the sillier comments on here - Cows are not "raped repeatedly by bull\'s semen" (can\'t believe someone posted that). They are bred when they come into heat, just as they would be if they were in a herd situation, only AI is actually safer for them than pasture breeding (bulls can be rough on the cows). In no world that I know of would cows be "happy and running free with their babies"...in what pasture and supported by whom? In a herd situation, they would nurse their calves for a short amount of time and then wean them. If humans did not consume dairy products, dairy cows would not even exist. Soy kills your thyroid (plenty of studies to confirm, look it up). Additionally, there are just as many healthy people who consume dairy regularly as there are that do not consume dairy. Drink almond milk?? Ok, try googling "impact of vegetarianism on animals" and you will find that growing plants commercially requires animal-based fertilizers for best yields. Can\'t get as much out of trees and plants without some kind of animal based fertilizer. The issue is not "should I consume animal products or shouldn\'t I". The issue is feeding the world\'s growing population and gigantic corporations taking over what used to be localized, family owned farms. They are not trying to feed people..they are trying to make as much $$ as possible and destroying the entire ecosystem in the process. If people would grow their own vegetables, raise their own chickens/beef/eggs, etc., this problem would take care of itself.

19 Aug 2014

kelly, your comment contains lies
why u lying to people kelly?

Jennifer Brandt
4 Months Ago

Harry Baltzis

Jeancarlos Janco Gomez Cabrera
4 Months Ago

Most if not all of those facts are definitely true. Funny memes to go along with it makes it worth to read.

David Buckley
4 Months Ago

Sorry. Stopped reading at #1. No such "links" have been supported.

Ed Gunn
10 Jun 2014

Thats false. Not supported by USDA or agencies that profit from Milk industry. Thats the point. Osteoporosis is rampant here in the US. Another dumbed down US consumer. Wake up

Sunflower Lanna
4 Months Ago

Ban Cruel Trade.

Mi Dan
4 Months Ago

This sucks!

Janelle Ikswolahicm
4 Months Ago

I was thrilled to read that 75% of humans don't drink cows milk due to being lactose intolerant

Lisa Corbin-Walker
4 Months Ago

Meghan MW Pamela Boston Meghan, Great information for Aries' healthcare providers that keep trying to push cows milk on him/you.

Dustin Braham
4 Months Ago

buuuuuuuuuullshiiiiiit!!! you're telling me 3/4 if the world is lactose intolerant when I know hundreds of people and only one of them are? I've never even met anyone outside of my one friend. I call malarkey!!

Durty Dave
4 Months Ago

These numbers are ridiculous and destroys credibility. 75% of the world is lactose intolerant and consumes no dairy at all? That's just an absolute lie and anyone with a single ounce of common sense would know this.

ed gunn
20 Aug 2014

we are all allergic to cows milk - all of us humans as we are not cows. Some are more allergic than others - why do most babies have allergic reactions when exposed to milk? Human body is amazing and works hard to suppress this. Take a look at the studies of cow milk and effect on "normal" person not diagnosed with lactose intolerance. The same issues happen but not as severe. Wake up people- the USDA sets the nutrition food groups and the USDA has huge financial vested interest in seeing dairy do well in the US. They know this but are so caught up in it they are dumbing americans down the best they can. Humans do not need dairy or animal protein. It causes cancer and this is proven. A healthy diet is plant based and the ridiculous remark about animal fertilizer??? Worms are making organic fertilizer which works great. Do you know how devasting the dairy and beef industry is to environment?? Its worse than the fossil fuel industry (another fact). its all about the money here and political agendas just like oil. Healthy people in the USA system do not make anyone any money so they hush it.

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