Vegan protein powders are super useful. While you can totally get an adequate amount of protein eating whole foods – fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds – not everyone has the time, every single day, to make three or more nutritious meals a day. That’s where protein powders come in to save the day. Just a scoop or two in a smoothie, water, or even in baked goods and savory items for some powders, you can add 15-20 grams of protein to your day. And, with so many on the market nowadays, finding one that suits your tastes is a breeze!

There are a few things we like to keep in mind when looking for a good protein powder, though. Dairy-free and vegan are two must-haves, the number of calories shouldn’t be off the charts, and it should be sweetened naturally (stevia or xylitol) or left flavorless. What we’re trying to avoid is cane sugar, which will pile on the grams of sugar, especially if we’re already using fruit for our smoothies. Instead, naturally sweetened powders or sugar-free powders get the same job done without any of the unnecessary cane sugar. See for yourself with these 15 naturally sweetened and vegan protein powders.