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15 Vegan Noodle Recipes That Will Give You Life


For some people, October 6 is just another day. For the carb-obsessed among us, however, today marks a special occasion: it’s National Noodle Day!

Noodles come in all different kinds of shapes, sizes, and textures, and are made out of a variety of different ingredients. Even though we seem to live in the era of instant noodles, rest assured: no matter what kind of diet you follow or preferences you have, there’s a noodle out there are will suit your specifications. And if you can’t find one in the market that you like, you can make it yourself!

In honor of National Noodle Day, we’ve put together 15 of our Food Monster App‘s most spectacular vegan noodle recipes. Check them out below, and let us know your favorite noodle dish in the comments!

1. Yi Mein: Chinese Long Life Noodles

Yi Mein: Chinese Long Life Noodles calls for minimal ingredients, little time, and it’s better than takeout. I mean sure, sometimes Chinese takeout is *just* what you need after an exhausting road trip or an exasperating day at work, but if you have it in you to spend a measly 20-30 minutes cooking, make this instead; you’ll find extra joy and satisfaction in the fact that you made it yourself.

2. Roasted Beet Noodles With Pesto and Baby Kale

Roasted Beet Noodles With Pesto and Baby Kale comes together so effortlessly and can be easily customized, depending on your appetite. The beet really pairs well with the pesto here and the kale ties everything together for more texture and flavor. Plus, it’s elegant, whole, unprocessed and fresh.

3. Zucchini ‘Ramen’ Noodles 

Zucchini “Ramen” Noodles utilizes zucchini to make a healthier version of the classic “ramen” noodle. Made with bok choy, green onions, and mushrooms, this dish is stellar when you’re stressed or need to wind down.

4. Unicorn Noodles

Unicorn Noodles are made beautiful with purple cabbage and lemon juice! It’s like magic, but really: it’s science. Purple cabbage has a pigment called anthocyanin, which changes color when it makes contact with something acidic. When you cook purple cabbage for a short time in some water, you’ll get a nice blue shade, cook it for a bit longer with a bit more purple cabbage will give you a nice purple shade. Now when you add something acidic (lemon or lime juice) to the blue colored noodles, the pigment from the purple cabbage will react and takes on a bright pink color.

5. Vegetable Laksa With Noodles

Vegetable Laksa With Noodles is the perfect dish for a family meal. Hearty, healthy and easy to make in large batches. This soup is full delicious vegetables, fiery flavors, and chewy noodles that will have everyone eating it begging for seconds.

6. 15-Minute Sesame Ginger Noodles 

15-Minute Sesame Ginger Noodles with bok choy will be your new favorite go-to dish. These sesame ginger noodles are bursting with bold ginger flavor and loaded with veggie goodness from the bok choy. If you don’t have any boy choy available, you can feel free to use broccoli or even any other green vegetable you have in your refrigerator.

7. One-Pot Kung Pao Noodles

This recipe for One-Pot Kung Pao Noodles takes less than 20 minutes to make, is budget-friendly, and so spicy it’ll make your lips tingle and your belly warm. You can also make it with any kind of pasta or noodle you choose. So go for gluten-free, grain-free, or stick to some classic noodles!

8. Broccoli Stem Noodles With Asian Black Bean Balls

Broccoli Stem Noodles With Asian Black Bean Balls are tossed in an umami miso dressing, then served with black bean balls that have been glazed with an Asian-inspired sauce. If you haven’t used the broccoli florets, serve it with those or just serve with your favorite veggies.

9. Curry Spiced Thai Noodles

Curry Spiced Thai Noodles are a great option for a quick easy meal. The rice noodles are coated in a rich coconut sauce that is well spiced and not too heavy.

10. One-Pan Noodles With Asparagus and Hollandaise

This recipe for One-Pan Noodles With Asparagus and Hollandaise will raise the bar for comfort food. The asparagus is pan-fried with garlic, onions, and chickpeas before being combined with a creamy potatoes hollandaise sauce and noodles to top the whole thing off.

11. Curried Butternut Squash Noodles With Apples

This Curried Butternut Squash Noodles With Apples dish is bursting with flavor, both savory and sweet. It contains a medley of spiralized noodles – buttery butternut squash, crispy green apple, and tangy red onion – as well as pecans and dates. The whole thing is drizzled with maple syrup and then tossed in a mixture of warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and curry powder. Delicious, healthy, and beautiful – what more could ya want?

12. Grilled Pineapple and Vegetables Rice Noodle Bowl

Made with grilled pineapple, zucchini, and red peppers then quickly stir-fried with mushrooms, edamame, rice noodles, and a sweet-spicy sauce, this Grilled Pineapple and Vegetables Rice Noodle Bowl recipe is a quick and utterly delicious dinner. The combination of grilling and sautéeing brings out the best in each of the vegetables, while the sauce is easily customized to your level of desired spiciness or sweetness. Those caramelized bits of pineapple, combined with the spice in the sauce knock this dish out of the ballpark.

13. Cirali Soy Sauce Noodles

Cirali Soy Sauce Noodles are incredibly satisfying, super simple to make, and pack up for a great lunch if you happen to have leftovers, which is unlikely because they are so dang tasty. The tender vegetables are sauteed and then tossed in a simple soy and tahini sauce and then the dish is finished with a squeeze of lemon and a few red pepper flakes for a slight bite at the end.

14. 5-Spice Stir-Fried Soba Noodles

5-Spice Stir-Fried Soba Noodles are packed with hearty soba noodles, meaty mushrooms, carrots, and broccoli cooked in a fragrant sauce dominated by the savory flavors of five-spice powder. It takes just 15 minutes to make, so it can be thrown together even on your busiest days.

15. 15-Minute Shanghai Sesame Noodles

15-Minute Shanghai Sesame Noodles feature mung bean noodles and veggies tossed with chicken and a thick sesame dressing. This recipe leaves out the meat (but feel free to toss in some tofu or vegan chicken) and ups the veggies. With each bite, you get a mouthful of tender noodles, fresh, crisp vegetables, and the silky-smooth, nutty sesame sauce.

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Lead image source: Yi Mein: Chinese Long Life Noodles

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