The future is now, folks. While most of us are perfectly content to spend money to see a traditional movie at the cinema, or even real-life humans perform in a play, FilmOn’s Hologram USA Networks Inc. has just totally upped the ante, as they announced that they’ve designated Alchemy to run concessions at the very first dedicated hologram theater, which will open to the public this October.

Yes, you read that correctly. A Hologram theater — the first of its kind in the world — is opening soon. And it is serving 100 percent vegan food to its customers.


Hologram USA CEO Alki David has been vegan for 12 years and personally selected Alchemy to provide concessions at the theater, which is located at 6656 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

What’s on the Menu?

Alchemy is a superfood café that offers an entirely plant-based and nutrient-dense menu to its customers. It sources organic ingredients from local farmers, and its Hologram USA Theater menu will include optional Swissx CBD oil infusions in vegan chocolate shakes and organic popcorn. Swissx has now “high” or THC, rendering it safe and legal, and Swissx makes pure CBD oil from Swiss grown hemp seeds.

Check out their popcorn below:

Alchemy Cafe/Facebook

“At Hologram USA we are re-imagining entertainment–bringing beloved superstars back to perform and providing unbelievable spectacles for our audiences,” Hologram USA CEO Alki David said. “It’s only natural we should reinvent the theater snack bar as well. With Alchemy’s innovative take on health food and the soothing powers of Swissx CBD oil, we’ll create a completely new experience.”

Vegan chocolate shake, anyone?

Alchemy Cafe/Facebook

“Alchemy is very excited to work with Hologram USA to transform the traditional theater-going experience and be a part of the movement to incorporate healthy and delicious foods in places where they were rarely found before,” Alchemy Founder Tanya Goott said.

Hologram USA is the only company that creates lifelike, life-size images. While this theater in Hollywood is the first of its kind, there is a planned nationwide roll-out of 150 Hologram Theater locations. Chicagoans, prepare yourselves — the next one is scheduled to open up in your city in October!

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Lead image source: Peshkova/Shutterstock