Carnival themed parties are a blast. They’re colorful, bright, and chock full of tasty sweets, fried foods, and magical treats like cotton candy. While some people might think that carnival theme parties are just for children, here at One Green Planet, we’re all about stretching out the fun and silliness of childhood for as long as possible – maybe even forever! After all, you’re never too old to enjoy a lollipop that’s bigger than your hand, the sticky messes that come from caramel apples, or the tummy ache that waits for you at the end of it all. That kind of fun is bound by no age limit!

If you’re trying to avoid meat or dairy, sometimes it can feel like your options at an actual carnival are somewhat limited. At a party, however, you can stock up on all the meatless and dairy-free versions of your favorites! Here are 15 vegan sweets and treats for your next carnival themed party.