Wraps are a wonderful way to make your lunch or dinner more fun. After all, why enjoy a platter of beans, rice, and vegetables, when you can stuff all of these ingredients in a wrap, roll it up, and chow down without trying to get every single component of the dish onto your fork for every bite? If you’re following a gluten-free diet, either for preference or due to a dietary restriction, it may be a bit difficult to find ready-made gluten-free sandwiches and wraps at your local bodegas and restaurants. However, did you know you can buy gluten-free wraps and tortillas and make your own creations at home? It’s true! And we’re not just talking plain, gluten-free tortillas either. Nowadays, there are all sorts of gluten-free wraps out there. There are coconut wraps, ones made with fruits and vegetables, almond flour wraps, nori, soy, sprouted corn, brown rice wraps … we could go on for a while here. And if you’re looking to avoid milk, eggs, and butter, you’re in luck, because there are several gluten-free wraps out there that also avoid using these ingredients! While you’re likely to find a few of these options at your local grocery store, you can find almost all of them online, as well. Here are 15 gluten-free and vegan wraps we think you should check out today.