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4 Sure-Fire Ways to Include Raw Foods Into Your Diet Everyday


Including lots of fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables into your diet comes with a variety of benefits such as easy weight management, lower cholesterol, and less risk for health problems like heart disease or diabetes. The more fresh foods you include in your diet, the less room there is for the bad stuff, too. And because most fruits and vegetables taste great, it doesn’t have to feel like a chore when you ensure that your diet is filled with them.

Whether you’re interested in eating a high raw diet overall or you just want to take advantage of some extra energy by including a few raw foods into your meals, it’s easy to maintain a diet including raw foods once you get the hang of it.

Choosing fruit for snacks and including a smoothie into your day are great starts, but you can include raw fruits and vegetables into each of your meals with the help of these tips and tricks: 

1. Always Garnish 

Garnishing your meals with raw ingredients will give you an extra nutritional punch without taking away from the richness or texture of your favorite foods. It’s really as simple as cutting up some raw ingredients and sprinkling them on the various things you eat throughout your day. Try these ideas:

  • Sprinkle fresh green onions on your soups and pastas.
  • Finely cut up some fruit (such as pineapple) and add it on top of pizzas and rice dishes.
  • Mix some diced tomatoes in with cooled-off gravies.

Adding just a little raw food to each meal adds up to an impressive amount by the end of the day, and you’re sure to feel the benefits. 

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Include Raw Foods Into Your Diet Everyday

2. Keep Your Sauces Cool

You can really kick up your raw food intake by using uncooked sauces on your cooked dishes. The sauce will warm up when mixed into your dishes so you’ll never notice that it’s raw in the first place. Here are some easy ideas:

The best part about healthy raw sauces is that you can smother them on your foods without any guilt. 

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Include Raw Foods Into Your Diet Everyday

3. Start the Day Fruity

Fruit is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, which is the optimal fuel for your body. Starting your day off with fruit will boost your energy levels and fill you with the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy. There’s no need to get fancy — simply eating a couple mangos, enjoying a cut up pineapple, or chewing on a couple cups of grapes is all it takes to fill you up and fuel you until lunch.

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Include Raw Foods Into Your Diet Everyday

4. Make Crudités a Daily Snack

If you’re the type to snack throughout the day, consider cutting up a bunch of your favorite veggies such as cucumbers, carrots, celery, and broccoli (known as crudités) to keep on hand. They’re easy to travel with after putting them in small baggies or sealable tubs, which makes it easy to have a snack available whether you’re stuck in traffic, working late, or headed to the store for dinner ingredients. Crudités pair well with just about any kind of dip you can think of, and they can be used to construct a full meal such as burritos or salads out of.

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Include Raw Foods Into Your Diet Everyday

With the help of these ideas you’ll find it easy to make at least part of your diet a raw one. Don’t worry about percentages. Focusing on real, whole foods is all that’s needed to create a clean and healthy diet.

Image source: Crunchy Raw Vegan Protein Balls [GF]

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