A young student from Cwmbran, Wales has spoken out about the need for vegan options in schools.

12-year-old Lydia Lansberry told Wales Online that she wanted to see more options for plant-based food in schools. Lansberry, who attends Croesyceiliog School, has been vegan for nine months, and vegetarian since she was born.


Lansberry spoke about how she had decided to follow a vegan diet because of animal cruelty, and how many unique options are available to vegans now.

“But I usually have to take a packed lunch to school because there are not a lot of vegan options except chips and beans,” Lansberry told Wales Online. “I would buy school meals if there were vegan choices.”

“I don’t think I am missing out on anything being a vegan but I would like to have vegan choices in school,” she added.

Lansberry’s comments come after the Vegan Society has launched a petition calling for more vegan options in schools and hospitals in the U.K. earlier this month.


The campaign, “Catering for Everyone,” is focusing on increasing access to vegan options in places like hospitals, workplaces, and schools.

“As a patient in a hospital or as a university student you don’t always have a choice of where to eat, and it’s a problem if there are no vegan options,” Vegan Society spokesperson Dominika Piasecki told The Independent.

In New York, a number of schools have taken steps to include more vegetarian and vegan options in their cafeteria menus. Late last year, it was announced that all 1,200 public schools in NYC would offer a vegan hummus option daily. At least three public schools in the city have also switched to all-vegetarian menus.

Read all of Lansberry’s comments at Wales Online, and get involved with the Vegan Society’s campaign at their website.


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