Having a well-stocked spice cabinets is one of the main components of cooking. After all, without spices, there would practically be no differentiation between cuisines. Spices allow us to travel to another culture, adapt their flavor profile, and apply it to our cooking, all without ever leaving our kitchen. If you’re a fan of cooking international cuisine, it’s likely that your pantry is overflowing with single-ingredient spices. While it’s totally possible to make your own spice blends by mixing together these single-ingredient products, there’s no denying that buying a pre-made mix can be convenient.

Pre-made spice blends take all the guesswork out of mixing. If it’s a good product, the ratio will be exact, the flavors authentic, and the ingredients fresh. Whether it’s garam masala for your curries, five spice for your Chinese creations, or simply a staple blend to sprinkle onto dishes for some added flavor, there is likely a blend out there that will suit your liking. And guess what? We’ve done all of the hard work for you search-wise! Here are 15 vegan spice blends to add that extra oomph to your cooking.