Vegan meat alternatives are a great way to cut down on meat consumption while still enjoying the familiar flavors that we love. While it’s totally possible to cook and season fresh vegetables and fruits to taste meaty, nowadays there are also tons of readymade products that come in familiar meat form and make your life easier in the kitchen. Some people may stay away from tofu and certain other products because they contain soy, but did you know that there are plenty of meat alternatives out there that are completely soy-free? It’s true. It’s all just a matter of research. There are soy-free seitan sausages, veggie-centric burger patties, “ground beef” crumbles made from pea protein and even bacon bits made from beans! These products have all of the meaty flavor you crave, without any actual meat, and without any soy! But we’ll let the products speak for themselves – here are 12 soy-free and vegan meat alternatives we think you should check out.