There are a lot of factors that come into play when picking out a salad dressing. Do you want it to coat the leaves with thick and creamy goodness or would you rather it be light and oily to splash around the plate? Are you looking to avoid preservatives or dairy? Does it need to be organic? Everyone has their own set of criteria. Some people, for example, actively avoid products that contain soy. This could be because they are allergic, soy causes them digestive discomfort, or they simply want to cut down on the amount of soy they are consuming every day.

What ever the reason someone has for cutting down on soy, brands nowadays are making it easier than ever to identify whether a product is soy-free. Sometimes they will even mark it prominently on their product labels. While you can certainly spend a decent amount of time at the supermarket hunting down dressings that are vegan and soy-free, there is another way to find these gems: allowing One Green Planet to guide you! We’ve found all sorts of dressings, from garlicky vinaigrette to zesty Italian and Asian dressing, there are all sorts of different dressings out there that still pack a flavorful punch, without the use of soybean oil or other soy products. Here are 12 we think are worth checking out.