Mornings are pretty rough. Usually, by the time you even enter the kitchen, you only have fifteen minutes to spare, you’re still traumatized from your five o’clock alarm, and you probably still have the flavor of toothpaste in your mouth. Hardly the conditions that are ideal for cooking a full-blown meal. While you certainly can grab a granola bar and go about your life, doing this day after day can get pretty boring, pretty fast. Getting breakfast take-out every day isn’t really the best option either, and if you’re looking to avoid meat and dairy, the choices can be narrow.

So, what is one to do? Well, thankfully, there are thousands of others in the same predicament, meaning there are tons of products to satisfy this need! From overnight oats to microwaveable tofu scramble burritos, breakfasts can be as quick as you are. There are even some in-between items for when you don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen but you do have enough to fire up the stove for a quick meal. Need some examples? No problem. Here are 15 vegan products that make breakfast a breeze!